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Old ugly scary. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream old ugly scary. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

scary 32

scary place but do not feel dismay 15
Description: all proceed by the best in the business

ugly 77
Interpretation of the dream: process lost

ugly baby 31
Translation: restlessness

ugly weather 16
Dream description: imprudence dangerous

landscape ugly 88
Meaning: ingratitude of friends

ugly object 41
Translation of the dream: surprises with money

ugly character 88
Interpretation: discontent passengers

ugly house 90
Sense of the dream: danger of intrigue

church ugly 24
What does it mean: setbacks that hinder

ugly building 71
Meaning of the dream: good business

ugly woman 50
Description: uncertain situation

female ugly 18
Interpretation of the dream: jealousies and threads

ugly girl 44
Translation: embarrassment of choice

Ugly Witch 50
Dream description: whims passengers

ugly man 9
Meaning: Reports uncertain

ugly face 72
Translation of the dream: lack of sensitivity

ugly appearance 31

make ugly 49

ugly whore 76

see ugly and deformed ankles 22
Meaning of the dream: futile trip

ugly little mare that runs around the house 25
Description: marry a bad woman

Take the bait with soldiers 14
Interpretation of the dream: news

embrace an old 67
Translation: concerns

encampment of soldiers 22
Dream description: fortune

gold lighter 19
Meaning: happy reunion travel

aquarium with goldfish 51
Translation of the dream: oscillating position

meeting of soldiers 3
Interpretation: contrariness

fascinate old 7
Sense of the dream: unwillingness

crowds of soldiers 25
What does it mean: concerns passing

frank holdings death 33
Meaning of the dream: hatred declared

freeze in the cold 5
Description: good faith betrayed

needle with eye gold 26
Interpretation of the dream: changes in position

stir old 29
Translation: restlessness unjustified

gold lacing 13
Dream description: opposition to a deal

lodge soldiers 89
Meaning: next trip

old alcoholic 1
Translation of the dream: permanent danger

behold breastfeed 60
Interpretation: Decision to be taken

alignment of soldiers 15
Sense of the dream: provocation of neighbors

soldiers to stay 89
What does it mean: next trip

a lovable old 6
Meaning of the dream: sadness unjustified

old lover 88
Description: good health

cold environment 38
Interpretation of the dream: arrogance of relatives

old friendship 17
Translation: obstacles to overcome

moldy 36
Dream description: businesses difficult

moldy paper 51
Meaning: businesses difficult

moldy fruit 81
Translation of the dream: presumption punished

moldy cellar 12
Interpretation: sentimental conquests

moldy ceiling 38
Sense of the dream: dangerous illusions

mutiny of soldiers 52
What does it mean: Luckily the game