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Old trade. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream old trade. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

jealousy of trade 16
Meaning of the dream: thwarted love

Foreign Trade 69
Description: security and balance

trade in goods 16
Interpretation of the dream: good time to make investments

trade in wool 77
Translation: profit

trade in machines 11
Dream description: your business is good

revive trade 64
Meaning: overcoming of obstacles

trade shoes 68
Translation of the dream: unjustified suspicions

clothing trade 7
Interpretation: were calmer

cash trade 5
Sense of the dream: fears and jealousy

exchange or trade 8
What does it mean: resentful damage

defraud in trade 12
Meaning of the dream: rivalry

arms trade 4
Description: malaise and fatigue

trade in iron 18
Interpretation of the dream: loss and misfortune

trade of animals 87
Translation: Sad News

trade 41
Dream description: prosperity and success in business

Stock Exchange trade 80
Meaning: pleasant change

changing trade 48
Translation of the dream: disturbing events

grain trade 56
Interpretation: supports powerful

wine trade 50
Sense of the dream: broken promises

reactivate a trade 6
What does it mean: complex close

cloth trade 42
Meaning of the dream: pleasant surprise

trade satin canvas or velvet 83
Description: joy and profit

timber trade 45
Interpretation of the dream: emotional stability

trade treaty 19
Translation: inconsistency in work

wild animal trade 55
Dream description: hasty actions

an old shrunken 50
Meaning: Brilliant Solution

retail business 22
Translation of the dream: flattery interested

drug trade 53
Interpretation: dangerous temptations

old pregnant 65
Sense of the dream: strained relations

old worker 58
What does it mean: Danger averted

old servant 82
Meaning of the dream: need for sacrifices

old record player 63
Description: shame for acts

calm an old 5
Interpretation of the dream: serious discord

old gramophone 50
Translation: happiness

old diplomat 53
Dream description: good health

offend an old 18
Meaning: inconstancy reports

container old 4
Translation of the dream: new initiatives

old who curses 60
Interpretation: negligence and greed

mock an old 90
Sense of the dream: old age scares you

scandalize an old 74
What does it mean: disorder in private life

trading house 7
Meaning of the dream: fear of being judged by others

trade fabrics 61
Description: prosperity and success in business

bank of commerce 4
Interpretation of the dream: comforting news

old suit 71
Translation: seriousness of purpose

old hunchback 10
Dream description: fortune

circumvent an old 86
Meaning: reckless conduct

old nephew 8
Translation of the dream: rising labor

old lover 88
Interpretation: good health

old calendar 21
Sense of the dream: benevolence of the elderly

snorting old 45
What does it mean: gossip does not collect

old to the asylum 25
Meaning of the dream: inner insecurity

an old refreshment 74
Description: good business

kiss an old 66
Interpretation of the dream: dangers inevitable

old medal 27
Translation: danger of flattery

old mattress 40
Dream description: advice to accept

old flag 81
Meaning: deep sorrow