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Old infamous. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream old infamous. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

environment infamous 61
Meaning of the dream: faithfulness in love

infamous hotel 1
Description: love of money

what infamous 28
Interpretation of the dream: welfare and prosperity

critical infamous 86
Translation: felling moral justification

infamous tavern 63
Dream description: conflict disadvantageous

infamous 61
Meaning: slight damage

infamous neighborhood 57
Translation of the dream: head shots

infamous crime 90
Interpretation: desire for justice

old rumbling 33
Sense of the dream: courage in adversity

old bald 78
What does it mean: implacable enemy

imprison old 14
Meaning of the dream: discovery of intrigue

typist old 2
Description: helpful tips

old parchment 21
Interpretation of the dream: changing friendships

Damask old 65
Translation: renewals and changes

peasant old 10
Dream description: violent passion

old chatting 40
Meaning: gossip of neighbors

old frame 47
Translation of the dream: sentimental threads

monkey old 37
Interpretation: circumstances of fortune

calm an old 5
Sense of the dream: serious discord

old fan 40
What does it mean: suggestions and support

old 89
Meaning of the dream: Good news

a repulsive old 57
Description: affirmation slow

old who works 58
Interpretation of the dream: inviting occasion

old chair 80
Translation: good organization

old house 27
Dream description: loss of friends

wrinkles if you old 40
Meaning: moderate your lifestyle

old street 77
Translation of the dream: challenging conversation

doll old 44
Interpretation: embarrassment in a choice

old dead 34
Sense of the dream: next advantages

old pipe 80
What does it mean: open-minded

old submissive 84
Meaning of the dream: promising business

old sick 19
Description: adaptability to the environment

old saddened 84
Interpretation of the dream: tests friendship

old laughing 77
Translation: happiness and longevity

see old 22
Dream description: intimate concerns

old mattress 40
Meaning: advice to accept

old suit 71
Translation of the dream: seriousness of purpose

old cheese 64
Interpretation: conquest of goods

old praying 75
Sense of the dream: entry money

old resigned 80
What does it mean: supports

old radio 56
Meaning of the dream: practical achievements

a lovable old 6
Description: sadness unjustified

an old shrunken 50
Interpretation of the dream: Brilliant Solution

old priest 78
Translation: altruism

old gramophone 50
Dream description: happiness

vagabond old 49
Meaning: new agreements

old drunk 61
Translation of the dream: uncertainty and doubt

old livery 82
Interpretation: unpleasant events

circumvent an old 86
Sense of the dream: reckless conduct

old beggar 88
What does it mean: excellent prospects

all that old 77
Meaning of the dream: vivacity of ideas and thoughts

old violinist 74
Description: happy occasion

offend an old 18
Interpretation of the dream: inconstancy reports

feed an old 27
Translation: sense of justice and humanity

petticoat old 6
Dream description: useless remorse

mock an old 90
Meaning: old age scares you

scandalize an old 74
Translation of the dream: disorder in private life