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Old delicatessen. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream old delicatessen. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

enter delicatessen 35
Meaning of the dream: well directed initiatives

delicatessen closed 14
Description: problems to be solved

delicatessen empty 15
Interpretation of the dream: economic concerns

manage the delicatessen 56
Translation: contrasts with family

delicatessen open 55
Dream description: waiting anxiously

see delicatessen 75
Meaning: tranquility of mind

delicatessen with customers 8
Translation of the dream: material well-being

delicatessen 24
Interpretation: well directed initiatives

old suit 71
Sense of the dream: seriousness of purpose

feed an old 27
What does it mean: sense of justice and humanity

old castle 3
Meaning of the dream: vanity excessive

old parchment 21
Description: changing friendships

circumvent an old 86
Interpretation of the dream: reckless conduct

kiss an old 66
Translation: dangers inevitable

old gramophone 50
Dream description: happiness

old farmhouse 27
Meaning: developing patient

old frame 47
Translation of the dream: sentimental threads

offend an old 18
Interpretation: inconstancy reports

mock an old 90
Sense of the dream: old age scares you

scandalize an old 74
What does it mean: disorder in private life

old who works 58
Meaning of the dream: inviting occasion

old 89
Description: Good news

old house 27
Interpretation of the dream: loss of friends

old desk 77
Translation: collaboration difficult

doll old 44
Dream description: embarrassment in a choice

reviving an old 84
Meaning: harmony of relationships

jacket old 50
Translation of the dream: seriousness of purpose

old carpet 44
Interpretation: concerns passing

embrace an old 67
Sense of the dream: concerns

old dead 34
What does it mean: next advantages

old flag 81
Meaning of the dream: deep sorrow

an old refreshment 74
Description: good business

calm an old 5
Interpretation of the dream: serious discord

old mattress 40
Translation: advice to accept

old cheese 64
Dream description: conquest of goods

old lover 88
Meaning: good health

monkey old 37
Translation of the dream: circumstances of fortune

old priest 78
Interpretation: altruism

old livery 82
Sense of the dream: unpleasant events

old beggar 88
What does it mean: excellent prospects

old fan 40
Meaning of the dream: suggestions and support

petticoat old 6
Description: useless remorse

fall in love with an old friend 42
Interpretation of the dream: need for security

old scales 90
Translation: Excessive modesty at work

old chain 50
Dream description: love of justice

old hat 87
Meaning: narrow-mindedness

old rope 65
Translation of the dream: good position

old chair 80
Interpretation: good organization

ancient city 42
Sense of the dream: work hard

old alcoholic 1
What does it mean: permanent danger

old cemetery 62
Meaning of the dream: refused service

old street 77
Description: challenging conversation

old chicken 88
Interpretation of the dream: need to actively influence the way situations

old blouse 56
Translation: ostentation and pride

old broom 15
Dream description: sentimental crisis

old rich 79
Meaning: delays and impediments

old calendar 21
Translation of the dream: benevolence of the elderly

old chatting 40
Interpretation: gossip of neighbors

old sick 19
Sense of the dream: adaptability to the environment

old surgeon 9
What does it mean: fear and distrust

bucket old 4
Meaning of the dream: Effective collaboration