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Old cheating. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream old cheating. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

cheating knowing 62
Meaning of the dream: disillusion

cheating card 66
Description: mistrust and pessimism

cheating a man 23
Interpretation of the dream: initiatives not to disclose

live on cheating 68
Translation: presence of mind

an old shrunken 50
Dream description: Brilliant Solution

cheating a customer 76
Meaning: backbiting and gossip

old bald 78
Translation of the dream: implacable enemy

cheating between lovers 2
Interpretation: advantageous marriage

cheating a woman 77
Sense of the dream: harmful excesses

cheating at poker 30
What does it mean: excessive emotionality

old servant 82
Meaning of the dream: need for sacrifices

calm an old 5
Description: serious discord

cheating among friends or lovers 6
Interpretation of the dream: decline of luck

old record player 63
Translation: shame for acts

cheating with friends 73
Dream description: attention to improvisation

old chatting 40
Meaning: gossip of neighbors

old rumbling 33
Translation of the dream: courage in adversity

old hunchback 10
Interpretation: fortune

circumvent an old 86
Sense of the dream: reckless conduct

old saddened 84
What does it mean: tests friendship

old mattress 40
Meaning of the dream: advice to accept

old cheese 64
Description: conquest of goods

an old refreshment 74
Interpretation of the dream: good business

offend an old 18
Translation: inconstancy reports

feed an old 27
Dream description: sense of justice and humanity

old resigned 80
Meaning: supports

old priest 78
Translation of the dream: altruism

mock an old 90
Interpretation: old age scares you

old who curses 60
Sense of the dream: negligence and greed

old drunk 61
What does it mean: uncertainty and doubt

scandalize an old 74
Meaning of the dream: disorder in private life

old violinist 74
Description: happy occasion

seer old 85
Interpretation of the dream: cautious

seller old 3
Translation: impatience from curb

old to the asylum 25
Dream description: inner insecurity

a repulsive old 57
Meaning: affirmation slow

petticoat old 6
Translation of the dream: useless remorse

old and new frac 75
Interpretation: bad assets acquired

old car 9
Sense of the dream: pleasant experience

be old 20
What does it mean: contrariness

old pipe 80
Meaning of the dream: open-minded

old submissive 84
Description: promising business

old laughing 77
Interpretation of the dream: happiness and longevity

see old 22
Translation: intimate concerns

old parchment 21
Dream description: changing friendships

old suit 71
Meaning: seriousness of purpose

coat old 27
Translation of the dream: good omens

snorting old 45
Interpretation: gossip does not collect

old burr 38
Sense of the dream: convincing words

embrace an old 67
What does it mean: concerns

peasant old 10
Meaning of the dream: violent passion

reviving an old 84
Description: harmony of relationships

old secretive 37
Interpretation of the dream: tips to consider

old nephew 8
Translation: rising labor

kiss an old 66
Dream description: dangers inevitable

old dead 34
Meaning: next advantages

old porter 33
Translation of the dream: presumption

old alcoholic 1
Interpretation: permanent danger