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Oilstained trousers. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream oilstained trousers. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

stained trousers 4
Meaning of the dream: little objectivity

stained with oil 85
Description: slander unpleasant

wide trousers 80
Interpretation of the dream: reconciliation with a friend

trousers without crease 40
Translation: small fortune

tight trousers 40
Dream description: lack of objectivity

silk trousers 20
Meaning: financial difficulties

trousers 71
Translation of the dream: disorders for slander

trousers broken 30
Interpretation: opposition in love

burning trousers 3
Sense of the dream: You get mad

leather trousers 5
What does it mean: news from afar

patched trousers 29
Meaning of the dream: secret betrayed

long trousers 55
Description: projects that are successful

white trousers 63
Interpretation of the dream: unwelcome surprises

trousers unstitched 48
Translation: unfounded jealousy

lined trousers 3
Dream description: gossip and slander

basin with oil 65
Meaning: satisfaction by a young

jar with oil 30
Translation of the dream: trouble with health

clutch with oil 11
Interpretation: afflictions of love

pajama trousers 35
Sense of the dream: conflicting ideas

vat with oil 18
What does it mean: mysteries and frantic thoughts

glass with oil 76
Meaning of the dream: conflicts with the environment

barrel oil 37
Description: fear of betrayal

sewing trousers 36
Interpretation of the dream: ambition fulfilled

pressed trousers 81
Translation: discretion and prudence

mug with oil 29
Dream description: ill health

pan with oil 31
Meaning: neglect dangerous

buy oil 16
Translation of the dream: invitation to accept

pants (mask) 90
Interpretation: you re too light

bottle with oil 26
Sense of the dream: projects went upstream

dirty with oil 28
What does it mean: many hassles you oppress

burned with oil 80
Meaning of the dream: surprises from the money

put pants 57
Description: supports valid

keep oil 58
Interpretation of the dream: weighting and security

cruet with oil 72
Translation: decline of physical energy

new pants 34
Dream description: delusions of grandeur

purge with oil 79
Meaning: health being improved

container with oil 60
Translation of the dream: insinuations do not collect

lining of trousers 81
Interpretation: embarrassment in the family

colored pants 6
Sense of the dream: compromises dangerous

wearing pants 90
What does it mean: trouble from work

velvet trousers 8
Meaning of the dream: concerns over a deal

trousers blacks 73
Description: rumors from a friend

stretch trousers 2
Interpretation of the dream: interesting revelations

shorten pants 43
Translation: loss

canvas trousers 65
Dream description: recognized merit

stained with acid 61
Meaning: satisfactions and joys passing

bowl with oil 69
Translation of the dream: projects impossible to achieve

lighting oil 56
Interpretation: original ideas

anointing with oil 27
Sense of the dream: recognized merit

buckboard with oil 15
What does it mean: good overall performance

put pants down 69
Meaning of the dream: errors to be repaired

plenty of oil 2
Description: indecisions

stained with infamy 56
Interpretation of the dream: quarrels in the family