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Offer food. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream offer food. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

offer food 24
Meaning of the dream: solution of legal matters

consume food 38
Description: profits and joys

liquid food 18
Interpretation of the dream: perspicacity in business

sniff out food 8
Translation: penis secret

food ration 21
Dream description: good health

Food surplus 36
Meaning: quarrels and concerns

distribute food 65
Translation of the dream: conquest of goods

raw food 15
Interpretation: reckless decisions

moldy food 7
Sense of the dream: you fear never come in time

food black and hard 42
What does it mean: loss, wrath

food acid 72
Meaning of the dream: successful betting

offer relief 15
Description: news from afar

vomit food 57
Interpretation of the dream: disagreement with family

flies on the food 44
Translation: tormenting dilemma

see eating food 39
Dream description: prudence in business

food rare 29
Meaning: consideration

cooking food 4
Translation of the dream: hopes that come true

bland food 47
Interpretation: misunderstanding clarified

offer hospitality 7
Sense of the dream: pleasures of love

offer candied 11
What does it mean: pleasant events

season food 15
Meaning of the dream: crisis of rebellion

weigh food 55
Description: physical exuberance

plant food 32
Interpretation of the dream: improvements to be addressed

obtain food 69
Translation: bad omen

platter with food 37
Dream description: unnecessary waiting

repellent food 41
Meaning: quarrels and breakages

offer strawberries 78
Translation of the dream: merry events

offer pastries 30
Interpretation: momentary embarrassment

Cook food 9
Sense of the dream: overcome difficulties

burnt food 1
What does it mean: adulation with sad consequences, subtleties

reject food 48
Meaning of the dream: deceptions secrets

Food jealousy 6
Description: repressed feelings

food to relatives 53
Interpretation of the dream: good news

see worm in food 6
Translation: danger of hostilities

scarcity of food 9
Dream description: ideas to be cultivated

abstain from food 67
Meaning: do not trust friends

accumulate food 14
Translation of the dream: insecurity

offer work 48
Interpretation: passenger discontent

thaw food 66
Sense of the dream: situations that will be reconsidered

assimilate food 76
What does it mean: clarity of ideas

offer candy 43
Meaning of the dream: disagreements sentimental

offer cherries 46
Description: encouraging results

offer shelter 45
Interpretation of the dream: great impressionability

food to parents 29
Translation: developing projects

offer jewelry 1
Dream description: reckless actions

offer show 70
Meaning: very important proposals

offer grapes 40
Translation of the dream: deep sense of justice

rosemary on food 32
Interpretation: courage and firmness

burning with food 30
Sense of the dream: lack of diplomacy

vacuum food 13
What does it mean: satisfaction and luck

offer dinner 80
Meaning of the dream: anxieties and concerns

pantry with foods 36
Description: superficial judgments

buy foods 30
Interpretation of the dream: ideas sad

offer dragees 39
Translation: serene spirit