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Offense and rant. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream offense and rant. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

arrested for offense 78
Meaning of the dream: bitter internal conflict

offense for firearms 16
Description: loyalty and bravery

committing an offense 29
Interpretation of the dream: careful some false friend

revenge of offense 30
Translation: susceptibility exaggerated

Receive an offense 47
Dream description: you fear that you can not bear

press offense 65
Meaning: active imagination

defamation offense 29
Translation of the dream: coldness of relations

offense 5
Interpretation: You need to be more aware of others feelings

crime of slander 17
Sense of the dream: obstacles to overcome

crime of blood 53
What does it mean: rebellion useless

disdain for offense 18
Meaning of the dream: letters or news

crime 66
Description: Wealth and Happiness

crime punishable 26
Interpretation of the dream: program to change

crime of passion 55
Translation: lack of serenity

common crime 32
Dream description: financial problems to be solved

crime foiled 27
Meaning: tries to be less rational

infamous crime 90
Translation of the dream: desire for justice

commit a crime 13
Interpretation: multiple difficulty

crime denounced 69
Sense of the dream: chatter

make a crime 9
What does it mean: quarrels and concerns

confess a crime 3
Meaning of the dream: Passion for the game

crime unpunished 68
Description: Contrast irreparable

political crime 63
Interpretation of the dream: business cheated

facilitate a crime 49
Translation: pleasant event

trusting a crime 66
Dream description: large caps

complaint for a crime 27
Meaning: cost-effective solution

crime towards a real 8
Translation of the dream: bullying

partner in crime 74
Interpretation: someone is having a negative influence on you

fun motto 8
Sense of the dream: good standing

design a crime 47
What does it mean: danger of leakage

discover a crime 26
Meaning of the dream: vain hopes

simulate a crime 72
Description: incomprehension affective

crime boss 6
Interpretation of the dream: sympathies paid

crime story 14
Translation: great fortune financial and in any field of life

organize a crime 80
Dream description: serious concerns

take on a crime 57
Meaning: clarification

proclaim his guilt 13
Translation of the dream: love match

confinement for a crime 50
Interpretation: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

join a crime 15
Sense of the dream: physical ailments

lead to crime 66
What does it mean: decisive action

commit murder 88
Meaning of the dream: temptations to overcome

repent of a crime 16
Description: spirit of domination

terrified by the crime 75
Interpretation of the dream: help from someone close

brush 6
Translation: desire to drive out the problems

coming and going 86
Dream description: intentions ambiguous

and it is not 8
Meaning: Luckily the game

comb and trim 20
Translation of the dream: excessive confidentiality

go and steal 59
Interpretation: loss process

thunder and lightning 54
Sense of the dream: unforeseen procure bitter disappointments

ropes and cords 20
What does it mean: embarrassments and effort