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Occupied cell. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream occupied cell. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

dirty cell 66
Meaning of the dream: obstinacy and stubbornness

empty cell 7
Description: reckless conduct

religious cell 11
Interpretation of the dream: exciting novelty

cell with insects 65
Translation: agitation and difficulty

dark cell 50
Dream description: separation for a chat

cell 11
Meaning: unwelcome news

refrigerator cell 27
Translation of the dream: someone wants you fail

prisoner in the cell 18
Interpretation: Next healing

cell penitentiary 90
Sense of the dream: benefits and protections

It is closed in the cell 40
What does it mean: wrongdoing

cell monastery 11
Meaning of the dream: loneliness and melancholy

cell phone 44
Description: concerns for the future

white blood cell 9
Interpretation of the dream: Fortunately momentary

occupation 72
Translation: interesting news

busy construction site 55
Dream description: intense activity

beehive 61
Meaning: wealth, abundance

cold room 51
Translation of the dream: dangerous experiences

possession of money 43
Interpretation: contrasts surmountable

possession of things 74
Sense of the dream: good health

hive empty 68
What does it mean: serenity conquered

busying for others 24
Meaning of the dream: good wishes

see beehive 23
Description: distrust of friends

possession of an idea 36
Interpretation of the dream: love match

hive without honey 6
Translation: happiness satisfied

bee hive around 70
Dream description: productive work

possession of large unlimited 25
Meaning: pleasure, joy, wealth in proportion to the extension of the earth

horned 14
Translation of the dream: suspicions and jealousies

govern 82
Interpretation: need for aid

crook 12
Sense of the dream: next success

hive with very honey 38
What does it mean: dangerous business

costume jewelry 14
Meaning of the dream: be persevering

oily hair 44
Description: false news

pierced ears 67
Interpretation of the dream: domestic burglary

policeman armed 13
Translation: decline of physical energy

valiant policeman 88
Dream description: New Adventures

towed vehicle 77
Meaning: minor difficulties

beehive with many bees 33
Translation of the dream: reduced activity

bicorn 90
Interpretation: live isolated and do not know how to tap

searching someone 17
Sense of the dream: repressed desires

beehive with the queen bee 82
What does it mean: ability inventive

crowded market 54
Meaning of the dream: visits to relatives

hide escapees 18
Description: widespread activity

living crib 56
Interpretation of the dream: well directed initiatives

boat towed 62
Translation: do a trip

bearded face 13
Dream description: hopes and consolations

living parents 36
Meaning: protections

retouch drawings 68
Translation of the dream: selfishness

seater aircraft 3
Interpretation: successful combination

policeman handed 69
Sense of the dream: pride humbled

govern peoples 90
What does it mean: objectivity of judgment

retouch pictures 21
Meaning of the dream: love of mystery

receive a large possession as a gift 50
Description: you will soon have a nice partner

abbess who reads 56
Interpretation of the dream: change of program

plainclothes policeman 3
Translation: good news soon