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Observe castle. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream observe castle. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

observe a dawn 77
Meaning of the dream: hope for improvement

observe an alchemist 56
Description: much good news

old castle 3
Interpretation of the dream: vanity excessive

observe disinterestedly 81
Translation: momentary elation

castle burned 78
Dream description: material aid to be given to a relative

historic castle 23
Meaning: return of an old flame

inhabited castle 79
Translation of the dream: passionate situations

castle rebuilt 9
Interpretation: melancholy

observe Lent 2
Sense of the dream: realization pleased

observe Scorpion constellation 50
What does it mean: opposition from friends and career

observe a secret 23
Meaning of the dream: interior renewal

observe the twilight 47
Description: charm and benevolence

castle in flames 73
Interpretation of the dream: nervousness accentuated


castle with robbers 21
Translation: professional projects

observe a promise 4
Dream description: ambitious goals

observe constellation of Capricorn 66
Meaning: elegance in all your activities

castle 23
Translation of the dream: successful completion of a job but after much effort

observe the constellation ram 77
Interpretation: great future

observe or criticize a budget 59
Sense of the dream: opposition brief

observe the sign of Cancer 11
What does it mean: calls from a woman who became your enemy

castle with ghosts 66
Meaning of the dream: Excessive passion

castle with military 8
Description: next aid

observe horizon at sunset 44
Interpretation of the dream: your good health or if you have problems soon heal completely

observe orders 3
Translation: interesting combination

uninhabited castle 5
Dream description: fellowship among friends

observe Ursa Major (astronomy) 44
Meaning: aid from many friends

feudal castle 46
Translation of the dream: unexpected visits

observe a panorama 70
Interpretation: introverted mentality

to observe 88
Sense of the dream: It will benefit and satisfaction from the hard work and good will

besieged castle 10
What does it mean: desire for freedom

observe an agave plant 58
Meaning of the dream: some legwork by a woman

observe neutrality 35
Description: superstition to be abandoned

Castle prison 7
Interpretation of the dream: moments of euphoria

medieval castle 57
Translation: dynamism

modern castle 37
Dream description: tiredness and depression

owning a castle 34
Meaning: changes and transformations

ruined castle 65
Translation of the dream: fear of the future

observe his word 13
Interpretation: Secret Passion

enter the castle 8
Sense of the dream: bad speculations

observe the constellation of Gemini 19
What does it mean: authorities, change of residence

observe discipline 61
Meaning of the dream: economic improvements

observe the rule 51
Description: impatience to calm

observe fasting 48
Interpretation of the dream: goodness and altruism

observe a newsagent 73
Translation: much good news

observe the absence of a person 34
Dream description: favorable business meeting

observe the law 69
Meaning: really nice

watch carefully 43
Translation of the dream: Take the fly every occasion

watch children 75
Interpretation: nostalgia

fortress 45
Sense of the dream: spirit resourceful

rusty lock 65
What does it mean: friendship interested

open lock 47
Meaning of the dream: new possibilities

open the lock 56
Description: interesting developments

lock of flowers 36
Interpretation of the dream: troubles of wedlock

fortress garrison 53
Translation: secret vices