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Nun with sandals. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream nun with sandals. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Carmelite with sandals 8
Meaning of the dream: self-doubt

white sandals 5
Description: ability to adapt

colored sandals 20
Interpretation of the dream: attraction for the unknown

Sandals men 82
Translation: short pleasure

sandals child 52
Dream description: good intentions

buy sandals 79
Meaning: altruism and generosity

Sandals women 29
Translation of the dream: ties in danger

wear sandals 28
Interpretation: fluctuating situation

sandals 81
Sense of the dream: ties in danger

lose sandals 27
What does it mean: sorrows in family

sandals by Brother 49
Meaning of the dream: restless thoughts

nun with children 84
Description: obstacles to be faced

nun praying 74
Interpretation of the dream: pleasant surprise

be a nun 40
Translation: uncertain business

nun to grate 18
Dream description: abandonment and sadness

nun in the convent 68
Meaning: quiet life

cloistered nun 32
Translation of the dream: good business

nun nurse 80
Interpretation: gratitude welcome

nun sick 26
Sense of the dream: joy and satisfaction

nun sweet 76
What does it mean: excellent revenue

nun abbess 26
Meaning of the dream: amorous adventures

old nun 64
Description: Useful experiences

young nun 44
Interpretation of the dream: passion unsatisfied

nun begging 2
Translation: secret adventure

clothing nun 18
Dream description: You are maturing

nun excommunicated 67
Meaning: lack of reflection

singing nun 8
Translation of the dream: serenity reports

veil nun 85
Interpretation: sentimental indecision

nun died 87
Sense of the dream: sad loss

nun 13
What does it mean: bodes well for future projects and finances

umbilical nun 60
Meaning of the dream: divergences and struggles

Nun walking 11
Description: bad omens

nun in bed 75
Interpretation of the dream: love of money

nun who tries 39
Translation: dangerous enemies

habit as a nun 87
Dream description: risky business

sick with the nun 23
Meaning: good marriages

nun in the parlor 71
Translation of the dream: pointless chatter

a nun dress 89
Interpretation: bad innuendo

nun who communicates 88
Sense of the dream: excellent earnings

nun sacristan 86
What does it mean: excellent revenue

virgin who gets nun 90
Meaning of the dream: kindness of relatives

holy nun 7
Description: possible scenarios not positive

nun at the door 84
Interpretation of the dream: comfort

donning a nun 47
Translation: great honor

nun in church 84
Dream description: interesting news

dress up as a nun 58
Meaning: dangerous projects

meet a nun 19
Translation of the dream: malicious gossip

dressing up as a nun 2
Interpretation: heightened sensitivity

nun in prison 8
Sense of the dream: you're too possessive

take a fancy nun 65
What does it mean: quick fix

see a nun 16
Meaning of the dream: ambition

young monk 44
Description: passion unsatisfied

Church with nuns 8
Interpretation of the dream: talk to neighbors

meet with nuns 69
Translation: infidelity of the beloved