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Nonexistent disease. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream nonexistent disease. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

disease 29
Meaning of the dream: job loss, or even prestige

have a disease 30
Description: insecurity

freeze for disease 29
Interpretation of the dream: gift on arrival

aggravation of disease 73
Translation: true friendship

killing for disease 74
Dream description: statement of their views

anxious for a disease 67
Meaning: distrust of friends

consumed by disease 43
Translation of the dream: recovery of energy

contagious disease 18
Interpretation: unexpected rescue

contracting a disease 14
Sense of the dream: spirit stingy

consternation for a disease 15
What does it mean: willingness iron

eradicate a disease 51
Meaning of the dream: impulsivity and dissatisfaction

wasting disease 63
Description: practical achievements

diagnosis of a disease 61
Interpretation of the dream: budding love

diet to disease 65
Translation: torments unnecessary

spread disease 12
Dream description: melancholy

fast for disease 4
Meaning: creative imagination

conceal a disease 49
Translation of the dream: enterprise of uncertain outcome

liver disease 90
Interpretation: calculations involved

crazy for disease 4
Sense of the dream: great sadness

infectious disease 78
What does it mean: impossible love

nerve disease 5
Meaning of the dream: Fortunately by women

disease of the breast 3
Description: unpleasant news

chronic disease 6
Interpretation of the dream: squabbles interest

bowel disease 38
Translation: malignant insinuations

disease passing 27
Dream description: complicated problems

childhood disease 53
Meaning: momentary embarrassment

venereal disease 52
Translation of the dream: ill-acquired possessions

die of disease 85
Interpretation: good luck

suffer from a disease 70
Sense of the dream: good health

psychiatrist with disease 88
What does it mean: extravagances harmful

exhausted by disease 30
Meaning of the dream: Perfect Health

simulate a disease 30
Description: strange moods

choke for disease 15
Interpretation of the dream: hasty and precipitous actions

Try spasms for disease 84
Translation: unfounded fears

neglected disease 6
Dream description: dynamism

spreading disease 31
Meaning: concerns transitional

watch for disease 59
Translation of the dream: indecision and skepticism

agitated disease 30
Interpretation: bad time health

Anthrax disease 56

cured of the disease 28

weep for disease 49

livid disease 72

plant disease 7

disease of animals 16

deadly disease 59

lament for a disease 65

lose weight for a disease 81
Translation of the dream: high feelings

gout disease of the hands 17
Interpretation: He dreamed by a young terror panic personal danger. He dreamed of an old languor and misery

leprosy or other shameful disease 10
Sense of the dream: profit and wealth in disgrace good deal where you will find the selfinterest