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Noise of the cloud falling. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream noise of the cloud falling. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

noise of crockery 48
Meaning of the dream: happy moments

noise 9
Description: you will experience joy

crowd noise 27
Interpretation of the dream: complications surmountable

white cloud 49
Translation: usury

noise of women 6
Dream description: repetition of errors

noise of a waterfall 37
Meaning: exuberance to control

wind noise 64
Translation of the dream: commitments and travel

noise of men 48
Interpretation: hard daily struggle

child noise 4
Sense of the dream: advances and protections

cloud 63
What does it mean: sense of duty

cloud horizon 1
Meaning of the dream: introspection

dark cloud 69
Description: sadness

noise of engines 85
Interpretation of the dream: novelty and personal success

disturbed by the noise 21
Translation: confusing situation

cloud of a face 45
Dream description: litigious aggression

noise of the storm 51
Meaning: carefree attitudes

cloud over time 77
Translation of the dream: anger

make noise 66
Interpretation: People who likes to speak against you

cloud over the sky 55
Sense of the dream: goodwill

cloud over the day 45
What does it mean: serious problems in love

chainsaw that makes a lot of noise 68
Meaning of the dream: sadness and bad feelings

cloud over the sun 13
Description: sense of duty

cloud over the moon 54
Interpretation of the dream: Patience and perseverance

Falling Man 56
Translation: slight damage

din 7
Dream description: novelty

blind falling 16
Meaning: danger of leakage

elevator falling 89
Translation of the dream: joy and good humor

shelf falling 80
Interpretation: small obstacles

airship falling 24
Sense of the dream: requirements of the heart

lightning falling 25
What does it mean: Fortunately stable

Bomber falling 65
Meaning of the dream: dishonor

bomb falling 60
Description: sense of measure

tooth falling 13
Interpretation of the dream: loss of loved one

partition falling 59
Translation: hopes dashed

falling from a plane 63
Dream description: opportunity to be seized immediately

driver falling with the horse 33
Meaning: the opposite

Old falling 74
Translation of the dream: business disastrous

falling bodies 13
Interpretation: infirmity

falling money 12
Sense of the dream: economic hardship

vulture falling 60
What does it mean: Councils concerned

coachman falling 86
Meaning of the dream: bitter experiences

Abbot falling 13
Description: love of neighbor

falling snow 56
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected novelty

lime falling 35
Translation: excessive fanaticism

Persian falling 86
Dream description: Fortunately uncertain

cornice falling 53
Meaning: lack of diplomacy

vases falling 62
Translation of the dream: sad moments that pass quickly

equilibrist falling 38
Interpretation: battles to support

carrier falling 86
Sense of the dream: bitter experiences

jockey falling 10
What does it mean: enterprise that fails

din of children 45
Meaning of the dream: interesting revelations

dentures falling 46
Description: deep crisis

table falling 86
Interpretation of the dream: optimal solution

biplane falling 80
Translation: new facts unfavorable

Falling home 15
Dream description: next gain

dark clouds 69
Meaning: business to settle urgently