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New white cabinets. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream new white cabinets. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

white mice 78
Meaning of the dream: good relations

white teeth 1
Description: lucky fate

new friends 32
Interpretation of the dream: brisk business

white shoes 6
Translation: exciting novelty

tidying closets 66
Dream description: fanciful dreams

new jeans 10
Meaning: the misfortune hounding

white socks 11
Translation of the dream: diplomacy with superiors

White Lilies 22
Interpretation: happy hours and serene

very white teeth 23
Sense of the dream: very positive period

white whiskers 38
What does it mean: you do not comply

white tulips 44
Meaning of the dream: small difficulty

white gloves 68
Description: important protections

white chrysanthemums 53
Interpretation of the dream: proof of love

new drivers 12
Translation: anxieties and fears passing

white trousers 63
Dream description: unwelcome surprises

white doves 7
Meaning: fortune

white buttercups 80
Translation of the dream: contrasts with a child

white flowers 30
Interpretation: overcome difficulties

white sandals 5
Sense of the dream: ability to adapt

new socks 1
What does it mean: unworkable ideas

white truffles 88
Meaning of the dream: encouragement flattering

white patches 8
Description: arrival of relatives

new slippers 19
Interpretation of the dream: disagreements with loved ones

white horses 10
Translation: joy

white hairs 70
Dream description: union inconstant

pair of white horses 61
Meaning: unexpected luck

new pants 34
Translation of the dream: delusions of grandeur

white doors 36
Interpretation: excellent job prospects

white rags 74
Sense of the dream: indecision

white tatters 21
What does it mean: quiet life

new shoes 53
Meaning of the dream: entry money

white sheep 62
Description: intense friendships

white goats 2
Interpretation of the dream: prosperity

new glazed 80
Translation: intrigue from foil

nibs new 70
Dream description: News coming soon

white roses 3
Meaning: good decision

White clouds 5
Translation of the dream: serenity

new bleachers 76
Interpretation: good cooperation

buy new furniture 31
Sense of the dream: encouraging news

white radishes 6
What does it mean: jealousy and suspicion

white eyelashes 52
Meaning of the dream: security and sobriety

white feathers 60
Description: good friendships

white mustache 90
Interpretation of the dream: economic prosperity

White hair 45
Translation: notoriety and success

new business 43
Dream description: uncertainty

new furniture 32
Meaning: your doubts will vanish soon

white currant 12
Translation of the dream: proposals baffling

white dragees 9
Interpretation: lack of courage

new wrappers 20
Sense of the dream: proposals fallacious

white nails 46
What does it mean: good health

White skin 77
Meaning of the dream: love happy

white bag 40
Description: financial aid

white goats or very clear 51
Interpretation of the dream: I earn

white tie 40
Translation: like surprises

white chapel 50
Dream description: projects to be pursued

white candle 77
Meaning: happy news