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New passport. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream new passport. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

issue a passport 31
Meaning of the dream: news from afar

endorse a passport 48
Description: novelty coming

lose passport 65
Interpretation of the dream: sorrows

find the passport 51
Translation: trepidation for a family

passport 25
Dream description: great fortune

present your passport 44
Meaning: fruitful achievements

pick up your passport 38
Translation of the dream: dynamism and resourcefulness

apply for a passport 61
Interpretation: great fortune

new Cardinal 55
Sense of the dream: try to react to slander

new mattress 72
What does it mean: interior renovations

passport photos 55
Meaning of the dream: something puts unnecessary anxiety

new hat 8
Description: diplomacy and cunning

new appliance 49
Interpretation of the dream: you've got a prize

new pocketbook 57
Translation: need to defend themselves

new bolt 89
Dream description: useful and faithful friendships

new sofa 88
Meaning: good health

new container 26
Translation of the dream: solid supports

new notebook 14
Interpretation: firm character

new fiasco 73
Sense of the dream: satisfactions by a son

new cemetery 12
What does it mean: good friendship nearby

new century 77
Meaning of the dream: willingness swinging

new carpet 21
Description: good deals

new dish 42
Interpretation of the dream: harbinger of doom

new wine 85
Translation: favorable relationships

new vocabulary 56
Dream description: errors of assessment

new world 38
Meaning: validated reports

new calendar 53
Translation of the dream: tips to listen

new convent 29
Interpretation: expect great wealth

new bra 2
Sense of the dream: meeting of interest

new piano 15
What does it mean: conquest exciting

New 31
Meaning of the dream: would you change your life

wear something new 7
Description: joy and profit

new jug 32
Interpretation of the dream: for a farmer, there will be abundant fruit and put in camps, for others, well-being and good fortune

new coat 1
Translation: impositions of relatives

new building 67
Dream description: gain and well-paid job

new aqueduct 41
Meaning: envy of relatives

new desk 17
Translation of the dream: interesting links

new village 11
Interpretation: desire for detente

new cannon 13
Sense of the dream: serious trouble

new dress 29
What does it mean: concerns about the money

new scooter 76
Meaning of the dream: much misunderstanding

see or get something new 3
Description: change of state

old and new frac 75
Interpretation of the dream: bad assets acquired

new cage 58
Translation: rest, health

new bucket 16
Dream description: documents to be finalized

new wheelchair 10
Meaning: small annoyances

new balance 60
Translation of the dream: influence exaggerated

towel new 38
Interpretation: exaggerated ambition

card 30
Sense of the dream: women gossip

new art 65
What does it mean: next visit

a new piece of furniture 70
Meaning of the dream: you are looking for stability and certainty

new wheelbarrow 4
Description: evidence of trust