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New colorful dresses. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream new colorful dresses. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

suits or dresses 15
Meaning of the dream: money or commissions stolen

dresses dead 73
Description: sad omen for future days

man who dresses 81
Interpretation of the dream: new initiatives

dresses as a woman 21
Translation: ambitious initiatives

short dresses 3
Dream description: dynamism and health

buy dresses 84
Meaning: desire for freedom

wear dresses 9
Translation of the dream: melancholia

line dresses 8
Interpretation: dream difficult to realize

flap dresses 88
Sense of the dream: serious risks

colorful 17
What does it mean: being unstable

colorful dress 60
Meaning of the dream: realizations

colorful hat 67
Description: sudden changes

colorful blanket 5
Interpretation of the dream: desire for love

colorful corsage 87
Translation: infidelity discovery

colorful bow 11
Dream description: satisfactions from work

colorful flowers 22
Meaning: feelings paid

colorful skirt 15
Translation of the dream: want made

colorful gloves 16
Interpretation: joy and relaxation

colorful umbrella 81
Sense of the dream: original viewpoints

colorful scarf 38
What does it mean: short shift

colorful tent 33
Meaning of the dream: modest life

colorful tablecloth 2
Description: just rewards

colorful napkin 56
Interpretation of the dream: internal instability

colorful turban 36
Translation: return of a friend

colorful sail 76
Dream description: good tidings

colorful butterfly 49
Meaning: extravagant spending

colorful apron 18
Translation of the dream: special joy

colorful balloon 18
Interpretation: concerns

colorful photo 57
Sense of the dream: good luck

dress 14
What does it mean: you underestimate

dressing with care 88
Meaning of the dream: help to be given

dress with neglect 89
Description: enmity won

dress up as a bride 61
Interpretation of the dream: displeasure

dress costumes 55
Translation: falsehood

Subscribe to the newspaper 88
Dream description: Secret Revealed

buttoning the dress 18
Meaning: imprudence

buttoning up the dress of a woman 16
Translation of the dream: end in sight

dress or suit 35
Interpretation: protection, safety

white dress 20
Sense of the dream: joys and desires

black dress 73
What does it mean: sorrows

red dress 48
Meaning of the dream: security

wedding dress or bridal dress 80
Description: flattery

child's dress 3
Interpretation of the dream: impromptu

dress as a priest 22
Translation: suspects

a nun dress 89
Dream description: bad innuendo

mourning dress 73
Meaning: unjust accusations

carnival dress 8
Translation of the dream: falsehood

dress hunter 1
Interpretation: New appointments

Military dress 72
Sense of the dream: talk in the family

gorgeous dress 80
What does it mean: bullying suffered

ragged dress 17
Meaning of the dream: bad reputation

sew a dress 31
Description: suspects

wash a dress 42
Interpretation of the dream: success