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Neuralgia (nerve pain). Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream neuralgia (nerve pain). The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

neuralgia (nerve pain) 77
Meaning of the dream: curiosity

neuralgia 24
Description: disappointing experience

repressed pain 13
Interpretation of the dream: nice job and profitable

make pain 31
Translation: promotion, wealth or luck

pain 13
Dream description: contentment of someone far

conceal pain 14
Meaning: unwelcome complications

Relieve pain 81
Translation of the dream: Unexpected Journey

agonize pain 43
Interpretation: exaggerated sensitivity

soothe pain 11
Sense of the dream: false information

addressing pain 23
What does it mean: constructive energy

Liver pain 60
Meaning of the dream: obstacles and hindrances

destroy to pain 28
Description: impulsiveness and nervousness

resist the pain 40
Interpretation of the dream: emotional stability

abdicate pain 71
Translation: instinctive

nerve disease 5
Dream description: Fortunately by women

looked in pain 68
Meaning: disloyalty in business

shudder to pain 84
Translation of the dream: erotic moments

angry about pain 34
Interpretation: abundance and richness

ear pain 28
Sense of the dream: unpleasant news

pain with urination 2
What does it mean: externalization of repressed emotions

weep for pain 60
Meaning of the dream: new projects

indulge in the pain 73
Description: good wishes

groan of pain 17
Interpretation of the dream: vacillating resolutions

tears of pain 70
Translation: turning point

pain in the head 36
Dream description: trouble with the law

sigh of pain 69
Meaning: love misunderstood

emotion of pain 6
Translation of the dream: serious responsibility

crying in pain 70
Interpretation: next joy

explosion of pain 82
Sense of the dream: sense of responsibility

limb pain 72
What does it mean: support from children

eye pain 24
Meaning of the dream: illness of a family member

chest pain 68
Description: in labor disputes

feel pain in the arms 23
Interpretation of the dream: business will be interrupted

hurt or shoulder pain 78
Translation: Next disagree with relatives

house of pain 90
Dream description: doubts tormenting

consumed for pain 8
Meaning: major change

dried for pain 51
Translation of the dream: willpower

cry of pain 72
Interpretation: successful completion of tests

damned for pain 65
Sense of the dream: misunderstandings and quarrels

hanged for pain 53
What does it mean: waste of money

pain in the leg 30
Meaning of the dream: waste of money

get back from a pain 70
Description: happy reconciliation

terrified for pain 40
Interpretation of the dream: love for beauty

kidney pain 85
Translation: disease

Try spasms for pain 62
Dream description: sacrifices rewarded

feel hurt or pain in body parts 54
Meaning: long health

the pain of separation 60
Translation of the dream: just aspirations

rheumatic pain 78
Interpretation: malignant insinuations

stomach ache 36
Sense of the dream: Decision to be taken

writhe in pain 13
What does it mean: need for self-control

person pain in the ass 7
Meaning of the dream: you feel stressed

painless childbirth 27
Description: change activity

nervous climate 84
Interpretation of the dream: implacable enemy

pills antineuralgic 16
Translation: disappointing experience

headache 48
Dream description: They are waiting for the important decisions

sore throat 8
Meaning: You have difficulty to express yourself with clarity