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Nervous annoyed. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream nervous annoyed. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

nervous climate 84
Meaning of the dream: implacable enemy

agitated nervous 65
Description: imminent danger

get nervous 73
Interpretation of the dream: reversal of position

nervous disposition 80
Translation: difficulty in love

nervousness 45
Dream description: next rewards

exhaustion 34
Meaning: clarification of issues

irritated 63
Translation of the dream: difficult times and be able to get out successfully

become irritated 64
Interpretation: fascinating proposal

Man upset 19
Sense of the dream: successful deal

angry animal 90
What does it mean: search for comfort

upset about a quarrel 78
Meaning of the dream: chatter followed

upset about a loss 34
Description: discovery of a secret

away angry 25
Interpretation of the dream: not easy trips

Friend angry 10
Translation: speculation guess

angry hunger 56
Dream description: auspicious

causing annoyance 18
Meaning: fake friends

veins 14
Translation of the dream: wrath

upset 31
Interpretation: sympathy and agreement

ill upset 35
Sense of the dream: pleasant situations

getting bored 51
What does it mean: search by activity to improve your position

bad nerves 59
Meaning of the dream: nothing can stop the moment of good fortune that awaits the dreamer, gain and prosperity

woman upset 60
Description: speculation wrong

faint of heart 73
Interpretation of the dream: incomes

be upset 37
Translation: luck in business

disturb people 64
Dream description: new relationships

upset parents 67
Meaning: request for help

sick of nerves 72
Translation of the dream: infidelity

angry bear 35
Interpretation: Late remedies

disturb parents 27
Sense of the dream: loss of energy

angry devil 81
What does it mean: treachery and betrayal

neuralgia (nerve pain) 77
Meaning of the dream: curiosity

panther angry 35
Description: discouraging results

flouncing skin 36
Interpretation of the dream: takes extra money

angry lion 80
Translation: big profit

angry business 21
Dream description: spiritual life fruitful

angry penguin 82
Meaning: short period of sadness

dissatisfy 18
Translation of the dream: request for help

angry tiger 51
Interpretation: lack of support

disturbed by the noise 21
Sense of the dream: confusing situation

angry rhino 90
What does it mean: imperious necessity

get offended 5
Meaning of the dream: disagreement with a young person

angry bison 8
Description: inhibitions and complexes

be disturbed by snoring 85
Interpretation of the dream: glitches and mishaps in the work

ox angry 6
Translation: unwillingness

horse enraged 26
Dream description: ambition and despotism

goat angry 88
Meaning: happy new possibilities

be bothered by flies 62
Translation of the dream: envious friends

lover angry 22
Interpretation: opposition at home

dissatisfy brothers 10
Sense of the dream: unnecessary waiting

dissatisfy children 81
What does it mean: happiness contrasted

angry lovers 51
Meaning of the dream: next fortune

children disturbed in their games 36
Description: It will be treated harshly

deformed offended 34
Interpretation of the dream: a situation initially happy you give sorrows

leopard enraged 77
Translation: your riches are set to increase

angry for fear 90
Dream description: exciting novelty