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Nephew as a daughter. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream nephew as a daughter. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

good daughter 82
Meaning of the dream: big events

daughter 10
Description: economic concerns

have daughter 77
Interpretation of the dream: novelty coming

loving daughter 22
Translation: bright future

pregnant daughter 60
Dream description: decisive help

daughter invested 16
Meaning: fears and concerns

dead daughter 33
Translation of the dream: obscure maneuvers to discover

daughter love 23
Interpretation: rapidity of decision

disobedient daughter 4
Sense of the dream: ups and downs

daughter married 3
What does it mean: measures to be taken

old nephew 8
Meaning of the dream: rising labor

sick daughter 26
Description: hard experiences

legitimate daughter 12
Interpretation of the dream: important secrets

married nephew 80
Translation: happiness

marry a daughter 12
Dream description: happiness

give birth to a daughter 66
Meaning: joy, dancing, feasting, followed by fears and pains

abandon his daughter 35
Translation of the dream: dangerous business

ungrateful nephew 90
Interpretation: movement and novelty

Grand daughter 20
Sense of the dream: missteps

crazy nephew 5
What does it mean: tranquility of mind

disinherit a nephew 47
Meaning of the dream: rivalry secret

78 - Smorfia classic: pretty girl 78

talk with his nephew 78
Interpretation of the dream: reason

daughter in law 38
Translation: arrival of relatives

first grandchild 77
Dream description: need protection

young niece 10
Meaning: great generosity

woo a girl 78
Translation of the dream: projects to be postponed

giraffe as a pet 60
Interpretation: a nearby person is extremely arrogant

abusing a girl 48
Sense of the dream: period of severe emotional stress

grab a girl 31
What does it mean: prosperity

save a girl 2
Meaning of the dream: issues to be clarified

a blonde girl 43
Description: luck in the game

receive doll as a gift 66
Interpretation of the dream: consolations of old friends

receive property as a gift 8
Translation: marriage with the person whose appearance or quality will be agreeable in proportion of the wealth of the gift

gift from a girl 6
Dream description: contrariness

figs receive as a gift 63
Meaning: happiness in love

receive vase as a gift 5
Translation of the dream: Understanding loving

turquoise receive as a gift 23
Interpretation: you are loved with respect

palm if a girl 28
Sense of the dream: It will soon married

girl at sea 30
What does it mean: physical endurance

call girl 64
Meaning of the dream: visiting a relative who has not been seen for a long time

bad girl 2
Description: serene family life

herbal raw as a salad, sorrel 27
Interpretation of the dream: discreet omen

girl playing 15
Translation: illusory achievements

country girl 89
Dream description: health recovery

ugly girl 44
Meaning: embarrassment of choice

girl eating 42
Translation of the dream: concerns for the future

girl sleeping 32
Interpretation: unexpected obstacle

girl street 48
Sense of the dream: useful information

naked girl 10
What does it mean: disturbing thoughts

virgin girl 84
Meaning of the dream: luck and joy