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Negotiating tool in porcelain items. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream negotiating tool in porcelain items. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

tool porcelain 25
Meaning of the dream: disease

buy items 3
Description: gain

store items 5
Interpretation of the dream: oddities mood

line items 6
Translation: weakness to be overcome

silk items 50
Dream description: you fantasize in various dreams

repair items 85
Meaning: passive obedience

barter items 15
Translation of the dream: six materialistic however your business is good

Aluminum items 26

prepare items 6

list of items 6

pocketing items 40

collect items 5

return stolen items 60
Interpretation of the dream: period of no confidence

museum of rare items 22

tool 61
Dream description: good news

new tool 4

porcelain 28
Translation of the dream: gain in the game

see porcelain 2
Interpretation: you re living a very delicate situation

wedge (tool) 77
Sense of the dream: aid

iron tool 16
What does it mean: inevitable adversity

pay tool 47
Meaning of the dream: good proposals to sift

tool hoarse 8
Description: quick fixes

spinet (tool) 9
Interpretation of the dream: proximity unwelcome

tool bomb 87
Translation: you will begin an arduous

tool with verdigris 65
Dream description: need for decision

tool of lead 58
Meaning: inheritance

making tool 49
Translation of the dream: grief and sorrow

mouth tool 60

tool carpenter 6

broken tool 67

military tool 55

naval tool 25

rural tool 58

porcelain doll 64
Translation: infidelity in love

porcelain jar 88
Dream description: imprudence with collaborators

porcelain kettle 12
Meaning: magnetic personality

coffee porcelain 60
Translation of the dream: wise reflections

porcelain basin 3
Interpretation: crushes

porcelain bowl 35
Sense of the dream: missed opportunity

porcelain cup 76
What does it mean: missed appointment

porcelain vase 31
Meaning of the dream: good luck

porcelain tray 85
Description: quiet life

buy porcelain 18
Interpretation of the dream: you ve got a difficult task

pulley porcelain 5

Porcelain Factory 89

gild porcelain 47

watering porcelain 4

sugar porcelain 47

porcelain inkwell 2

porcelain pipe 71

owning silver tool 1
Meaning of the dream: prevent improved conditions

Shuttle (weaving tool) 14
Description: useful work

negotiate porcelain objects 90
Interpretation of the dream: gain

mountaineer with tools 31
Translation: sudden sympathies

fishing tools 5
Dream description: awaits loss in your business

with farm tools 64
Meaning: right insight

counterfeit item 68
Translation of the dream: sympathy affected

see deal or negotiate with Jews 13
Interpretation: loss

facilitate negotiations 31
Sense of the dream: uncontrolled actions

sell an item 87
What does it mean: very interesting experience

porch with tools 14
Meaning of the dream: good business

price negotiations 24
Description: scruples exaggerated

handle tools useful work 52
Interpretation of the dream: great help from a person in authority

Rare item 75
Translation: regret useless

give a personal item 39
Dream description: profitable activities

stool 1
Meaning: penalties and unnecessary worries

sit on a stool 34
Translation of the dream: penalties and unnecessary worries

fall from a stool 11
Interpretation: business thwarted

mounted on a stool 22
Sense of the dream: misdirected ambition

piano stool 8
What does it mean: satisfactions by young

tools 20
Meaning of the dream: difficult adventure

work tools 50
Description: news of relatives

negotiate a settlement 76
Interpretation of the dream: economic solutions

baby item 1
Translation: long-term projects

to negotiate 19
Dream description: groped business that fail to inexperience

Administration Item 52

stool analysis 52

stand tools 9

direction Item 36

List Item 18

assortment of tools 55

toolmaker 56

faldstool 15

shopkeeper tools 21

negotiate abroad 14

negotiate in country 22

negotiations concluded 17

negotiation of war 26

negotiations failed 4