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Necklace various stones. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream necklace various stones. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

necklace 87
Meaning of the dream: suffer unjust action

necklace found 53
Description: steadfastness of purpose

bring necklace 38
Interpretation of the dream: career advancement

broken necklace 59
Translation: new knowledge

shining necklace 32
Dream description: pleasant adventures

garnet necklace 4
Meaning: luck and prosperity

steal necklace 44
Translation of the dream: failure and damage

necklace false 55
Interpretation: ambiguous relationships

buy necklace 70
Sense of the dream: unforeseen expenses

bring stones 2
What does it mean: greatness

see stones 77
Meaning of the dream: disease, anguish

lose stones 7
Description: misfortune

Silver Necklace 11
Interpretation of the dream: morbid restlessness

gem necklace 65
Translation: too much haste in acting

download stones 80
Dream description: aid from relatives

accumulate various things 80
Meaning: visits to many people of knowledge

amassing stones 70
Translation of the dream: actions turbulent

hurling stones 40
Interpretation: economic benefits

amber necklace 7
Sense of the dream: financial damage

chop stones 19
What does it mean: new knowledge

Coral Necklace 38
Meaning of the dream: honest work

throwing stones 52
Description: illusions and extravagances

lose necklace 47
Interpretation of the dream: efforts in work

Stake stones 18
Translation: fantasy lit

give the necklace 74
Dream description: impulsive actions

gold necklace 88
Meaning: good intuition

grasp stones 50
Translation of the dream: Understanding affective

find the necklace 6
Interpretation: backbiting and gossip

flower necklace 7
Sense of the dream: melancholy passing

break stones 23
What does it mean: good health

small stones 5
Meaning of the dream: something bothering you and you would like to fix

on a sapphire necklace 17
Description: moral force

various things 5
Interpretation of the dream: quite a good omen

hurl stones 28
Translation: sudden adversity

sparkling stones 25
Dream description: commitments and travel

count stones 80
Meaning: business combination

stumbling stones 56
Translation of the dream: Next satisfaction

walking on the stones 7
Interpretation: pain and suffering

Diamond Necklace 46
Sense of the dream: litigation

several females 21
What does it mean: slander

stacks of various cards 45
Meaning of the dream: sudden changes

Pearl necklace 90
Description: great satisfaction

amount of stones 26
Interpretation of the dream: way hard

buy gemstones 11
Translation: gain in trades

Mass of stones 26
Dream description: you are not very sensitive to the circumstances

resemble various objects 36
Meaning: give your work a due importance

jewelry with precious stones 44
Translation of the dream: you have great ambitions and perhaps be able to realize them;

horses of various colors 39
Interpretation: fluency in their business

brooch with precious stones 77
Sense of the dream: provocation not collect

throw stones 42
What does it mean: you strike an opponent violently

pile of stones 54
Meaning of the dream: difficulty somebody else s fault

see several moons 48
Description: you offspring

cart with stones 17
Interpretation of the dream: experiences dubious

Bracelet with stones 70
Translation: war

Earrings with stones 36
Dream description: reduced vitality

clip with stones 82
Meaning: energy dispersive

Various water animals 41
Translation of the dream: progress with work