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Neck shirt pins. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream neck shirt pins. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

pillow with pins 2
Meaning of the dream: despotic character

stick pins 26
Description: chagrin and anger

engage pins 11

swallow pins 48

adorn themselves with pins 88

donate pins 31

string of pins 76

neck 1
Interpretation: ambition or next legacy

take to the neck 87
Sense of the dream: rupture of relations

long neck 65
What does it mean: sick passenger

short neck 90
Meaning of the dream: misplaced trust

bull neck 65
Description: be happy

neck animal 36
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected help

wash your neck 86
Translation: good health

powder her neck 26
Dream description: request for help

neck lace 64
Meaning: serious embarrassment and perplexity

goiter neck 4
Translation of the dream: death

dislocate the neck 74
Interpretation: agreement difficult

have three heads on one neck 3
Sense of the dream: honor, strength and heading to the wearer

kiss on the neck 79

burning his neck 84

the bird's neck 39

injured neck 49

ruffle neck 53

stiff neck 60

soaping his neck 90

wen in the neck 38

giraffe with a very long neck 6
Interpretation: look around with distrust

shirt 40
Sense of the dream: future comfort

new shirt 40
What does it mean: false flattery

get the shirt 66
Meaning of the dream: sufferings of love

buttoning his shirt 1
Description: quiet affair

buy the shirt 18
Interpretation of the dream: business cheated

selling shirt 13
Translation: unforeseen expenses

wash your shirt 58
Dream description: crushes

sewing shirt 61
Meaning: secret pleasures

iron the shirt 77
Translation of the dream: pride punished

wear the shirt 34
Interpretation: benefit safe

dirty shirt 84
Sense of the dream: concern for parents

clean shirt 63
What does it mean: break with relatives

shirt route 30
Meaning of the dream: false promises

men's shirt 20
Description: fleeting joys

women's shirt 18
Interpretation of the dream: unstable situation

shirt child 12
Translation: immediate realization

linen shirt 66
Dream description: prosperity in family

woolen shirt 83
Meaning: next inheritance

silk shirt 47
Translation of the dream: lost love

White shirt 2
Interpretation: danger close

colored shirt 11
Sense of the dream: changes in family

striped shirt 14
What does it mean: occult treachery

starched shirt 59
Meaning of the dream: next job

evening shirt 43
Description: plots of women

shirt collar 78
Interpretation of the dream: invitations pleasant

flannel shirt 72
Translation: need to surrender

taking off his shirt 77
Dream description: sick passenger

Polo shirt 47
Meaning: awaits great honor

mending a shirt 74
Translation of the dream: triumph over difficulties

squirt shirt 80
Interpretation: victory over enemies

man in shirt 3
Sense of the dream: lack of vitality

burning shirt 2

extricate the shirt 67

ruffle shirt 12

change shirt 23

military shirt 86

mutate shirt 88

hemming shirt 60

kill a louse in shirt 2
Translation of the dream: restlessness

shirts Butcher 11
Interpretation: false news

colored shirts 51
Sense of the dream: fluke

undershirt wire 3
What does it mean: jealousies harmful

undershirt in network 72
Meaning of the dream: Fortunately in social life

white undershirt 74
Description: contempt of danger

undershirt clean 38
Interpretation of the dream: digression loving

dirty undershirt 37
Translation: hard times

undershirt torn 67
Dream description: position ensured

necklace 87
Meaning: suffer unjust action

gold necklace 88
Translation of the dream: good intuition

Silver Necklace 11
Interpretation: morbid restlessness

Coral Necklace 38
Sense of the dream: honest work

shining necklace 32
What does it mean: pleasant adventures

Pearl necklace 90
Meaning of the dream: great satisfaction

amber necklace 7
Description: financial damage

garnet necklace 4
Interpretation of the dream: luck and prosperity

flower necklace 7
Translation: melancholy passing

necklace false 55
Dream description: ambiguous relationships