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Near the deceased alive. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream near the deceased alive. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

bombing near 45
Meaning of the dream: hidden possibilities of success

lamb alive 12
Description: jealousy tormenting

deceased welldressed 66
Interpretation of the dream: there is a concern for the health of a family member

honor a deceased 19
Translation: better times

being buried alive 5
Dream description: Left wishes

be near a partition 47
Meaning: It is disturbed in a tryst

altercation with the deceased 29
Translation of the dream: favors from a woman

tuna alive 4
Interpretation: tendency to prodigality

earthquake near 7
Sense of the dream: difficulty passing

mullet alive 30
What does it mean: major projects

close to the door 9
Meaning of the dream: lasting commitment

deceased 10
Description: good omen

torch near a coffin 2
Interpretation of the dream: sad events

willow near water 19
Translation: difficult days

butterfly near a lamp 39
Dream description: ephemeral achievements

lark alive 11
Meaning: cheerfulness justified

cicada alive 6
Translation of the dream: unbridled desires

decapitated and still be alive 59
Interpretation: Complete success in business

miser counts the money near the chest 75
Sense of the dream: succession next

close to home 11
What does it mean: laziness, adversity

close to the convent 51
Meaning of the dream: sudden showers

be close to someone 15
Description: unexpected aid

being close to a plank floorboards 47
Interpretation of the dream: you will be disturbed in an interview loving

near de dog barking 78
Translation: request accepted

dig up a live 50
Dream description: terrible misfortune

bury alive 48
Meaning: joy short-lived

live fish 47
Translation of the dream: objective assessments

sister alive 78
Interpretation: willingness stubborn

live crab 10
Sense of the dream: You encounter useful person to your activities

eel alive 25
What does it mean: Adventure unfortunate

crown for deceased 12
Meaning of the dream: exchange of courtesies

I live 51
Description: considered action

living phenomenon 25
Interpretation of the dream: lasting ties

live mouse 23
Translation: your spouse you faithful

close in college 78
Dream description: You will suffer injustice

live octopus 30
Meaning: adventurous temperament

living be burned 37
Translation of the dream: bad action

closet close 81
Interpretation: unrealistic ideas

end of life 85
Sense of the dream: breathlessness and pain exaggerated

love life 67
What does it mean: fighting spirit

draw from life 68
Meaning of the dream: lucrative contracts

shorten life 26
Description: new energy

active life 16
Interpretation of the dream: experience profitable

losing life 71
Translation: lucky combination

sculpting from life 45
Dream description: encouraging results

live shrimp 90
Meaning: trouble judicial

inconstant in life 18
Translation of the dream: envy hidden

frankly in life 6
Interpretation: satisfactions by a son

meditate on life 18
Sense of the dream: painful work

go to another life 28
What does it mean: misery

be buried alive 2
Meaning of the dream: Left wishes

city ​​life 70
Description: lack of resources