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Navel of a man. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream navel of a man. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

seeing the navel 19
Meaning of the dream: birth of a child

having bad navel 1
Description: expect bad things from your parents

belly button 43
Interpretation of the dream: important decision

corpse of man 47
Translation: carefree dangerous

Bust of man 86
Dream description: bad intentions

feet of man 53
Meaning: favorite trip

man's anus 29
Translation of the dream: improvements to be made

reaction of a man 70
Interpretation: situation disappointing

man's forehead 84
Sense of the dream: victory over enemies

sad for a man 12
What does it mean: personal affirmation

stench of man 64
Meaning of the dream: You encounter enemies

guts of man 6
Description: good old age

lament of man 18
Interpretation of the dream: contrasts with youth

convulsion of man 35
Translation: emotional states to balance

adultery of man 59
Dream description: discontent passengers

agony of man 11
Meaning: good omen

hairdresser for man 21
Translation of the dream: talk to neighbors

man's ear 29
Interpretation: Fortunately threatened

belly of a man 63
Sense of the dream: mental laziness

man's step 66
What does it mean: inner dissatisfaction

capturing a man 57
Meaning of the dream: unfortunate mishap sentimental

hands of man 6
Description: conciliatory spirit

footprint of man 5
Interpretation of the dream: rigid attitudes

breast of man 86
Translation: success and satisfaction

portrait of a man 51
Dream description: broadmindedness

skeleton of man 54
Meaning: serious concerns

man's throat 76
Translation of the dream: Adventure happy

straighten for a man 75
Interpretation: novelty in relations between the close kinship

a song of a man 37
Sense of the dream: perseverance and submission

beating a man 12
What does it mean: ostentation of virtue

legs of man 2
Meaning of the dream: fair play

bleeding for a man 18
Description: business is very bad

turgid for a man 4
Interpretation of the dream: difficulties in business

kill a man 45
Translation: serious damage

defame a man 72
Dream description: passion short

touching a man 2
Meaning: promises kept

talk of man 40
Translation of the dream: exaggerated ambition

abhor the man 84
Interpretation: hidden enmities

hair of man 23
Sense of the dream: strong-willed spirit

face of man 71
What does it mean: confidence in the future

face up a man 61
Meaning of the dream: troublesome issues

hat man 38
Description: easy money

man's pajamas 4
Interpretation of the dream: unstable health

Devil turned into man 57
Translation: danger passed

cry of man 36
Dream description: situation cheated

picking a man 15
Meaning: slow realization

search a man 71
Translation of the dream: uncertainty as to overcome

humiliate a man 61
Interpretation: important decision

groan of man 66
Sense of the dream: temporary differences

nature of man 27
What does it mean: happiness and longevity

burn a man 15
Meaning of the dream: sympathies dangerous

detest a man 38
Description: impulsiveness in decisions

dishonor a man 26
Interpretation of the dream: greed for money

revive a man 8
Translation: failure to repair

thank a man 74
Dream description: proof of confidence

back of man 38
Meaning: disturbance of short duration

seed of man 29
Translation of the dream: hidden energy

urinate like a man 10
Interpretation: for a woman can express masculine qualities that want to have