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Name innocent. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream name innocent. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

innocent 6
Meaning of the dream: harmful habits

handcuffed innocent 7
Description: absolutism in love

punish an innocent 46
Interpretation of the dream: troubling news

innocent prisoner 13
Translation: depression

rehabilitate the innocent 88
Dream description: fighting energy

release an innocent 65
Meaning: sympathy and benevolence

innocent kiss 81
Translation of the dream: new facts

sentenced innocent 22
Interpretation: pain for a loved one

executed innocent 62
Sense of the dream: cracks and separations

innocent slain 56
What does it mean: sadness for the discovery of a friend is not sincere and unfair

imprison innocent 17
Meaning of the dream: lack of money and poverty

innocent anthem 68
Description: speak from the heart and not the mind

arrested innocent 70
Interpretation of the dream: aggression harmful

innocent guillotined 83
Translation: to overcome adversity

enameled sink 64
Dream description: changes of opinion

Enameled arsenal 27
Meaning: unexpected benefit

toast for a name day 36
Translation of the dream: mood changes

enameled bowl 15
Interpretation: unfounded fears

enameled crown 85
Sense of the dream: strange encounter

name list 62
What does it mean: reconciliation with relatives

celebrate a name day 51
Meaning of the dream: very complex person

day of the name day 21
Description: heartedness and companionship

tournament carousel 39
Interpretation of the dream: joy

first name 18
Translation: you have forgotten your true self or your family roots

being called by name 13
Dream description: nervous tension

call someone by name 57
Meaning: probable visits

take a false name 81
Translation of the dream: dangerous lack of reflection

ornament 3
Interpretation: vanity

ornament wedding 60
Sense of the dream: Action countered

ornamental funerary 49
What does it mean: loyalty recognized

gorgeous ornament 31
Meaning of the dream: fate uncertain

gaudy ornament 33
Description: challenges and obstacles

artistic ornament 42
Interpretation of the dream: situation rebalanced

ornament tacky 85
Translation: remarkable strength

ornament tasteful 76
Dream description: explanations stormy

ornament themselves with jewelry 33
Meaning: Pending betrayed

proclaiming his innocence 52
Translation of the dream: gossip of colleagues

women with the name of Mary 34
Interpretation: fortune

your name day 38
Sense of the dream: wait a letter unwelcome

other name day 11
What does it mean: clashes of views with loved ones

recollect a name 40
Meaning of the dream: unusual happenings

record names 80
Description: prudence in spending

remember a name 21
Interpretation of the dream: vitality and momentum

sacred ornaments 45
Translation: Unexpected pleasant

maintains her innocence 45
Dream description: Useful relations

object of enamel 39
Meaning: mind too much about appearances

enamel painting 40
Translation of the dream: superficial changes