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Nails in the throat. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream nails in the throat. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

nails 25
Meaning of the dream: represent your emotional ties

see nails 22
Description: are you happy to be popular among your friends

throat 8
Interpretation of the dream: Danger averted

his throat 24
Translation: fickle affections

driving nails 37
Dream description: you ll have new friends

remove nails 41
Meaning: You will break with a friend

Scissors for nails 16
Translation of the dream: frequent moves

shoes with nails 10
Interpretation: efforts needed to be made

boots with nails 75
Sense of the dream: momentary uneasiness

pulling nails 5
What does it mean: tough love

nails of hands 62
Meaning of the dream: duties to perform

white nails 46
Description: good health

long nails 87
Interpretation of the dream: avarice

very short nails 78
Translation: melancholy

nails with enamel 54
Dream description: mild illness

tear off nails 89
Meaning: serious economic difficulties

cut their nails 84
Translation of the dream: squabbling and moodiness

being cut nails 28
Interpretation: loss

cut nails others 68
Sense of the dream: serious quarrels

straighten nails 1

throat hurts 26
Meaning of the dream: profitable sales

cut throat 18
Description: danger in sight

see mouth throat 90
Interpretation of the dream: fulfillment of their hopes

sore throat 8
Translation: You have difficulty to express yourself with clarity

throat operation 58
Dream description: quarrels with older people

fever throat 74

throat ill 69

throat burning 53

throat with goiter 27

the baby's throat 4

the beast throat 68

woman's throat 45

man's throat 76

swollen throat 80

dry throat 66

sore throat wound 3
Meaning: someone gossips about you

39 - Smorfia classic: the rope in her throat 39

nail 5
Interpretation: You forget that you can not change

iron nail 53
Sense of the dream: easy solution to a problem

copper nail 14
What does it mean: skirmishes of love

Nail gold 50
Meaning of the dream: justified expectations

silver nail 56
Description: business cheated

wood nail 9
Interpretation of the dream: momentary pleasures

Nail wrong 66
Translation: loss of an object

rusty nail 30
Dream description: careful with money

drive a nail 60
Meaning: sick passenger

seeing a nail 40
Translation of the dream: decisions guess

find a nail 61
Interpretation: realization of hopes

straightening a nail 90
Sense of the dream: wise security

snails 11
What does it mean: little effort does not bring some good results we need to react and fight

snail walking 28
Meaning of the dream: difficulty passing

snail dead 63
Description: decreased energy

cooked snails 43
Interpretation of the dream: sentimental serenity

eat snails 18
Translation: new events

scrub your fingernails 18
Dream description: loss of money

argue a nail 4
Meaning: willingness stubborn

brush for nail 24
Translation of the dream: loyalty and constancy

nail varnish 51
Interpretation: vanity

pierced with a nail 84
Sense of the dream: heavy responsibility

fingernails 59
What does it mean: represent your emotional ties

Toenails 11
Meaning of the dream: family trouble

dirty fingernails 65
Description: remorse for wrongdoing

ingrown toenails 4
Interpretation of the dream: criticism and gossip

nail biting 49
Translation: insecurity and mistrust

fingernail 49
Dream description: contest

nail Horse 64
Meaning: enough good omen

Nail shoe 8

Nail handmade 38

nail into the wall 35

finger without fingernail 2

nail crate 24

nail coffin 2

nail down windows 51

furniture nailed 64

nail chair 53

nail table 12

land snail 56

thumbnail 69

nail machinemade 19

snail horns 41