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Nails in his pocket. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream nails in his pocket. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

money in his pocket 16
Meaning of the dream: untapped potential

rummaging in his pocket 26
Description: thwarted love

put the watch in his pocket 20
Interpretation of the dream: important novelty

nails 25
Translation: represent your emotional ties

put the keys in his pocket 72
Dream description: uncertainty about what to do

pocket 9
Meaning: hidden talents and abilities undeveloped

shoes with nails 10
Translation of the dream: efforts needed to be made

straighten nails 1
Interpretation: you are very thoughtful

pocket route 83
Sense of the dream: Secrets Revealed

boots with nails 75
What does it mean: momentary uneasiness

have the ducats in your pocket 71
Meaning of the dream: very good things

pocket agenda 14
Description: new projects

remove nails 41
Interpretation of the dream: You will break with a friend

driving nails 37
Translation: you ll have new friends

pocket lighter 63
Dream description: arrogance towards the weak

put your hands in your pocket 63
Meaning: goods thwarted

keep your hands in your pocket 7
Translation of the dream: excessive intolerance

pocket mirrors 89
Interpretation: thrill

pocket watch 30
Sense of the dream: fleeting happiness

nails with enamel 54
What does it mean: mild illness

handkerchief in the breast pocket 84
Meaning of the dream: discontent passengers

see nails 22
Description: are you happy to be popular among your friends

pulling nails 5
Interpretation of the dream: tough love

nails of hands 62
Translation: duties to perform

pocket money 50
Dream description: unforeseen expenses

pocket dictionary 46
Meaning: pleasant surprises

very short nails 78
Translation of the dream: melancholy

pocket bread 71
Interpretation: scruples exaggerated

pocket for other things 26
Sense of the dream: painful betrayal

unrivet 1
What does it mean: break up with a friend

cloves 53
Meaning of the dream: you receive an unexpected invitation to dinner

white nails 46
Description: good health

long nails 87
Interpretation of the dream: avarice

pocket knife 67
Translation: secret relations

tear off nails 89
Dream description: serious economic difficulties

Scissors for nails 16
Meaning: frequent moves

cut their nails 84
Translation of the dream: squabbling and moodiness

cut nails others 68
Interpretation: serious quarrels

being cut nails 28
Sense of the dream: loss

nail 5
What does it mean: You forget that you can not change

fingernails 59
Meaning of the dream: represent your emotional ties

rummaging in your bag 40
Description: harmful habits

turn pockets 84
Interpretation of the dream: small fortune

rusty nail 30
Translation: careful with money

ingrown toenails 4
Dream description: criticism and gossip

white bag 40
Meaning: financial aid

nail biting 49
Translation of the dream: insecurity and mistrust

embroidered bag 42
Interpretation: tendency to command

nail Horse 64
Sense of the dream: enough good omen

nail chair 53
What does it mean: Contrast with a young person

search the pockets 56
Meaning of the dream: floating assets

line their pockets 63
Description: decisions to make

Nail handmade 38
Interpretation of the dream: faithful friends

brush for nail 24
Translation: loyalty and constancy

nail machinemade 19
Dream description: precision work

Nail gold 50
Meaning: justified expectations