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Nail polish removed. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream nail polish removed. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

nail varnish 51
Meaning of the dream: vanity

tooth removed 55
Description: change in your sex life

brush for nail 24
Interpretation of the dream: loyalty and constancy

nail biting 49
Translation: insecurity and mistrust

Nail handmade 38
Dream description: faithful friends

nails with enamel 54
Meaning: mild illness

polish silver 20
Translation of the dream: ties secrets

polish silverware 40
Interpretation: coexistence difficult

white nails 46
Sense of the dream: good health

dirty fingernails 65
What does it mean: remorse for wrongdoing

Nail shoe 8
Meaning of the dream: bewilderment

nail crate 24
Description: financial trouble

polish copper 11
Interpretation of the dream: shady business

polish floors 85
Translation: projects

tear off nails 89
Dream description: serious economic difficulties

Nail wrong 66
Meaning: loss of an object

nail table 12
Translation of the dream: wrath

Scissors for nails 16
Interpretation: frequent moves

scrub your fingernails 18
Sense of the dream: loss of money

furniture polish 70
What does it mean: decisive meeting

polish shoes 26
Meaning of the dream: travel project

fingernails 59
Description: represent your emotional ties

nail Horse 64
Interpretation of the dream: enough good omen

wood nail 9
Translation: momentary pleasures

long nails 87
Dream description: avarice

enamel painting 40
Meaning: superficial changes

Toenails 11
Translation of the dream: family trouble

nail chair 53
Interpretation: Contrast with a young person

ingrown toenails 4
Sense of the dream: criticism and gossip

object of enamel 39
What does it mean: mind too much about appearances

Bracelet with Enamel 36
Meaning of the dream: disease

very short nails 78
Description: melancholy

cut their nails 84
Interpretation of the dream: squabbling and moodiness

remove nails 41
Translation: You will break with a friend

cut nails others 68
Dream description: serious quarrels

being cut nails 28
Meaning: loss

varnish 8
Translation of the dream: life long

Nail gold 50
Interpretation: justified expectations

spirit varnish 55
Sense of the dream: impulsiveness and nervousness

Polish 88
What does it mean: impossible desires

nail 5
Meaning of the dream: You forget that you can not change

nail clipper 9
Description: We must react with caution to a matter

seeing a nail 40
Interpretation of the dream: decisions guess

nails of hands 62
Translation: duties to perform

pulling nails 5
Dream description: tough love

silver nail 56
Meaning: business cheated

lacquer 20
Translation of the dream: You try to dazzle only with external appearances

tidying rooms 78
Interpretation: you re afraid of being teased

delete a script 20
Sense of the dream: risky moves

tidying closets 66
What does it mean: fanciful dreams

remove tie 78
Meaning of the dream: obstacles and setbacks

remove bone 55
Description: slight indisposition

copper nail 14
Interpretation of the dream: skirmishes of love

remove rocks 84
Translation: health recovery

delete from memory 26
Dream description: understanding from superiors

remove bandage 22
Meaning: physical weakness

nail machinemade 19
Translation of the dream: precision work

remove stains 21
Interpretation: Useful social relations

remove a plug 10
Sense of the dream: misunderstanding clarified

remove difficulties 46
What does it mean: contrasts passengers