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Murder cats scissors. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream murder cats scissors. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

murder 62
Meaning of the dream: in general

accomplice to murder 8
Description: betrayal and struggles

conspiracy to murder 50
Interpretation of the dream: betrayal of an employee

premeditated murder 6
Translation: impatience and fickleness

commit murder 88
Dream description: temptations to overcome

guilty of murder 51
Meaning: sudden incidents

Convicted of Murder 60
Translation of the dream: bad intentions

arrested for murder 28
Interpretation: new knowledge

murder out of jealousy 43
Sense of the dream: unbridled ambition

domesticate cats 14
What does it mean: infirmity

neutering cats 35
Meaning of the dream: difficult relationships

pair cats 5
Description: a villain will be taken and executed

cats and dogs 65
Interpretation of the dream: dispute, contradiction

eating cats 24
Translation: divorce

see cats on the roof 1
Dream description: unfavorable successful your business

feeding cats 17
Meaning: disappointments secret

more cats meow 55
Translation of the dream: someone is taking an interest in you

slaughtered cats 88
Interpretation: Fall of opposition

flayed cats 83
Sense of the dream: desire for love

ensnare cats 9
What does it mean: satisfactions

barn with cats 51
Meaning of the dream: encouragement flattering

fray cats 88
Description: prejudices to avoid

hunting cats 3
Interpretation of the dream: haughtiness

defend themselves from the claws of cats 20
Translation: attacks by thieves

being bitten or scratched by cats 25
Dream description: you will fall into the wrong hands

see playing or sleeping cats 5
Meaning: poor performance of something

look scissors 58
Translation of the dream: violent desires

scissors 8
Interpretation: will end a business relationship or a friendship

use scissors 87
Sense of the dream: violent

sharpening scissors 45
What does it mean: dangerous proposals

Scissors for embroidery 70
Meaning of the dream: excessive demands

Scissors for nails 16
Description: frequent moves

scissors of the tailor 65
Interpretation of the dream: original ideas

scissors Gardener 2
Translation: aid to an elderly person

scissors surgeon 42
Dream description: rebellions unnecessary

silver scissors 22
Meaning: unexpected support

large scissors 45
Translation of the dream: never trust placed

scissors routes 37
Interpretation: moments of depression

scissors do not cut 46
Sense of the dream: indifference sentimental

find scissors 2
What does it mean: confusion for too many projects

tip scissors 70
Meaning of the dream: inner conflict

shearing with scissors 28
Description: projects to materialize

sheath by scissors 56
Interpretation of the dream: receipts of money

blade of scissors 66
Translation: divergences and disagreements

steel scissors 81
Dream description: there is something that terrifies you

scissors gold 24
Meaning: secret betrayed

blacksmith scissors 62
Translation of the dream: you re depressed, unmotivated