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Mouse black and white. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream mouse black and white. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

mouse 11
Meaning of the dream: the money you have paid will not be returned

mouse in the house 88
Description: your fortune threatened

black and white photography 42
Interpretation of the dream: laziness deplorable

catch a mouse 70
Translation: skills in business

take a mouse 60
Dream description: clarify misunderstandings

live mouse 23
Meaning: your spouse you faithful

mouse under the bed 68
Translation of the dream: seemingly endless hassles

dead mouse 51
Interpretation: family disgrace

kill a mouse 34
Sense of the dream: You have eliminated an opponent

mouse in the pantry 37
What does it mean: Negotiations disappointing

mouse in the bed 5
Meaning of the dream: health hazard

cat and mouse 35
Description: friendship misplaced

muzzle mouse 16
Interpretation of the dream: feelings of resentment

mouse in the closet 55
Translation: family responsibilities

baby mouse 74
Dream description: need for affection

black ox 74
Meaning: malice of neighbors

dress in black 15
Translation of the dream: difficulties and pessimism

fig white 10
Interpretation: dissatisfactions at work

mouse in trap 6
Sense of the dream: important news

black gecko 1
What does it mean: expectations for conclusions slow in coming

mouse tail 28
Meaning of the dream: triumph over enemies

see the white rat 47
Description: ruin your enemy

white bat 7
Interpretation of the dream: semi success

remnant white 84
Translation: incoming letter

apparatus white 79
Dream description: poor relations

black shawl 61
Meaning: little positive period

Black cotton 10
Translation of the dream: hidden enemies

pike black 8
Interpretation: personal associations and relationships

white chickpea 8
Sense of the dream: inner insecurity

ox white 77
What does it mean: money well earned

corsage white 82
Meaning of the dream: joys sentimental

white jasmine 25
Description: happy hours and serene

black ghost 15
Interpretation of the dream: economic hardship

Jaguar white 17
Translation: changes underway

Cheetah white 41
Dream description: maturity acquired

cluster black 43
Meaning: deceit uncovered

match black 50
Translation of the dream: brisk business

White bread 30
Interpretation: morbid sensitivity

black cope 58
Sense of the dream: challenges to overcome

Cheetah black 69
What does it mean: You have been repressing too much

white jag 34
Meaning of the dream: sexual desire

black satin 72
Description: dissimulation

balm white 31
Interpretation of the dream: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

white alabaster 45
Translation: victories

gallon black 62
Dream description: thou shalt triumph of your enemies

corsage black 5
Meaning: love declaration

black jaguar 66
Translation of the dream: you are repressing your feelings

black Corsair 77
Interpretation: you want to be independent

black tar 2
Sense of the dream: good health

white gallon 65
What does it mean: new ideas and changes in work

white waistcoat 81
Meaning of the dream: agreement with the family

white horsedrawn carriage 65
Description: you ll ruin with your own hands