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Mother crying on the bed. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream mother crying on the bed. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

mother crying 54
Meaning of the dream: concerns

see others crying 90
Description: unnecessary fears

abbot crying 54
Interpretation of the dream: New appointments

lover crying 57
Translation: animosity justified

sick crying 86
Dream description: growth of assets

eagle crying 20
Meaning: be wary of all

crying baby 40
Translation of the dream: happiness reached

jailer crying 15
Interpretation: uncontrolled passion

damn crying 60
Sense of the dream: long wait patient

woman crying 56
What does it mean: goal achieved

girl crying 3
Meaning of the dream: serious difficulties

curb crying 71
Description: opportunity for revenge

He died crying 13
Interpretation of the dream: negative experience

crazy crying 15
Translation: welcome gift

crying in pain 70
Dream description: next joy

prisoner crying 49
Meaning: plans to change

healthy crying 15
Translation of the dream: generous impulses

man crying 2
Interpretation: quarrelsome spirit

old woman crying 27
Sense of the dream: considerable difficulties

widow crying 60
What does it mean: heavy responsibilities and obligations

feel like crying 17
Meaning of the dream: success in love

Abbess crying 11

agonized crying 42

angel crying 9

Dancer crying 59

a tertiary crying 61

comic crying 77

Devil crying 75

boy crying 50

feverish crying 66

jealous crying 76

the children crying 55

Crane crying 65

creature crying 3

little baby crying 9

65 - Smorfia classic: crying 65

go with her mother 55
Translation of the dream: misunderstandings in dealing with business

see the mother 39
Interpretation: good wishes

see the new mother 9
Sense of the dream: you will not have many children

think again on Mother 56
What does it mean: novelties from afar

thank the mother 37
Meaning of the dream: challenging decision

ask the mother 80
Description: lasting achievements

help the mother 17
Interpretation of the dream: sincere affection

mother take 7

new mother 45

getting out of bed 49
Meaning: bad intentions

to go to bed 22
Translation of the dream: amour

down from the bed 4
Interpretation: mild pain

bed 4
Sense of the dream: rest, security

get out of bed 4
What does it mean: mild pain

old in bed 73
Meaning of the dream: long-term projects

kill the mother 19
Description: malice of neighbors

mother arrested 26
Interpretation of the dream: neglect of friends

kissing mother 52
Translation: sudden entry of money

caress the mother 12
Dream description: gains with work

call the mother 25
Meaning: problems to be solved

condescension toward the mother 17
Translation of the dream: nature patient

confide in her mother 88
Interpretation: righteousness and loyalty

congratulate the mother 5
Sense of the dream: future plans

counsel with the mother 82
What does it mean: discussions not to return

conversing with his mother 88
Meaning of the dream: friendly meetings

defend mother 5
Description: ability to concentrate

confess to his mother 53
Interpretation of the dream: you can not make autonomous

trust the mother 41
Translation: useful information

injure mother 38
Dream description: business disastrous

arguing with his mother 23
Meaning: request for help

bow to mother 65
Translation of the dream: you still need her

mother (mom) 52
Interpretation: protection and affection will come from a person close

mother caressing 19
Sense of the dream: success of a deal

See dead mother 47
What does it mean: increase of consideration

sick mother 59
Meaning of the dream: Good news

tribute to mother 45
Description: abundance and peace

honor the mother 57
Interpretation of the dream: Useful relations

see the mother in paradise 89
Translation: changes in family

talk to the mother 16
Dream description: happy omen