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Moon shines. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream moon shines. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

light that shines 8
Meaning of the dream: good wishes

star that shines in the room 44
Description: danger of death for the head of the family

moon 6
Interpretation of the dream: something hidden, the mystery and the feminine aspect

see the moon 48
Translation: fallacious illusions

barking at the moon 48
Dream description: protection

worship the moon 16
Meaning: joys of short duration

sunrise with the moon 23
Translation of the dream: fortune

moon glow 86
Interpretation: affinity of tastes

contemplating the moon 55
Sense of the dream: promising business

eclipse of the moon 57
What does it mean: need to check the health

waning moon 26
Meaning of the dream: dangerous trip

Crescent moon 35
Description: confusion of ideas

full moon 9
Interpretation of the dream: great happiness

moon with clouds 5
Translation: love no tomorrow

moon halo 62
Dream description: good wishes

Moon eclipsed 59
Meaning: damage business

half moon 6
Translation of the dream: big loss

cloud over the moon 54
Interpretation: Patience and perseverance

night moon 8
Sense of the dream: complications in love

sunset of the moon 86
What does it mean: unproductive period

sky with moon 45
Meaning of the dream: penalty, wrongful conviction

Moon phase 6
Description: lucky in love

Red Moon 55
Interpretation of the dream: evidence of common sense

darkening of the moon 30
Translation: fortune

quarter moon 8
Dream description: misfortune

astronaut on the moon 8
Meaning: anguish secret

Flame moon 26
Translation of the dream: hard times

moon landing 23
Interpretation: period of full satisfaction

see the full moon on a starry night 71
Sense of the dream: everything you aspire will come true

see several moons 48
What does it mean: you offspring

shoeshine 45
Meaning of the dream: business to be put in the hands of human law

moonlit night 56
Description: ambition fulfilled

rays of sunshine 2
Interpretation of the dream: Protection and work

moonbeams 6
Translation: weak will and oscillating

moonrise 4
Dream description: illusory hopes

shine 49
Meaning: joy for the hostess

honeymoon 64
Translation of the dream: unexpected protections