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Money and cards stolen. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream money and cards stolen. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

steal money 26
Meaning of the dream: unpleasant mishaps

ask for money 71
Description: tries to make a change to your life

purloin money 26
Interpretation of the dream: unfortunate mishap

count money 18
Translation: gain important

Neapolitan cards 18
Dream description: malice and slander

French cards 35
Meaning: selfish concerns

make cards 83
Translation of the dream: initiatives guess

wash money 20
Interpretation: You are struggling financially

lend money 32
Sense of the dream: you re too impatient

barter money 25
What does it mean: good omen

coveting money 10
Meaning of the dream: sentimental conquests

stroking money 18
Description: small difficulty

get money 64
Interpretation of the dream: unforeseen expenses

give cards 88
Translation: Councils concerned

lover cards 48
Dream description: introspection

hide money 26
Meaning: nervous tension

Roman cards 22
Translation of the dream: novelties from afar

guessing cards 66
Interpretation: honor, strength and heading to the wearer

offer money 40
Sense of the dream: distrust of the next

add up money 90
What does it mean: someone you know wants to fuck

recover money 81
Meaning of the dream: your emotional and financial situation will improve

snatch money 7
Description: difficulties and concerns

cheat the cards 64
Interpretation of the dream: childhood

love money 83
Translation: prudence with superiors

Company Money 80
Dream description: infirmity long affair cheated

bundle of money 10
Meaning: economic security

defraud money 47
Translation of the dream: continued exploitation

numbered cards 17
Interpretation: attractive offers

shell out money 57
Sense of the dream: good solutions

to spend money 7
What does it mean: achievements to be defended

plenty of cards 36
Meaning of the dream: unfortunate speculation

letters with money 23
Description: hopes fulfilled

be making cards 74
Interpretation of the dream: novelty coming

surplus of money 42
Translation: serenity of mind

seize or see money 1
Dream description: joy and pleasure

case with money 14
Meaning: good health

borrow money 26
Translation of the dream: various dangers

money received 9
Interpretation: relationships with important people

send cards 60
Sense of the dream: long-term projects

swallow money 90
What does it mean: good intentions

money earned 67
Meaning of the dream: imprudence dangerous

aeronautical cards 2
Description: pleasant events

deposit money 70
Interpretation of the dream: programs to be reviewed

cards 3
Translation: good faith

having money 80
Dream description: insincere flattery

collect money 74
Meaning: flattering promises

withdraw money 24
Translation of the dream: small disagreements

money wasted 84
Interpretation: opportunities nuanced

handing over money 44
Sense of the dream: aggressive impulsivity

send money 65
What does it mean: momentary embarrassment

accumulate money 18
Meaning of the dream: avarice

return money 73
Description: serenity and balance

burying money 38
Interpretation of the dream: hopes dashed

find money 2
Translation: indigence

interest money 73
Dream description: you want to get noticed