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Mom wandering. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream mom wandering. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

woman wandering 3
Meaning of the dream: events sentimental surprise

Carmelite wandering 23
Description: moodiness

mother (mom) 52
Interpretation of the dream: protection and affection will come from a person close

52 - Smorfia classic: Mom 52

wandering in the valleys and forests 20
Dream description: bad

go wandering 51
Meaning: opposition to win

tribute to mother 45
Translation of the dream: abundance and peace

bow to mother 65
Interpretation: you still need her

confess to his mother 53
Sense of the dream: you can not make autonomous

report to the mother 44
What does it mean: happy ideas

stoop to his mother 21
Meaning of the dream: restlessness unjustified

search for the mother 32
Description: creative spirit

regret of mother 80
Interpretation of the dream: meeting of interest

angry with mother 33
Translation: nostalgia of love

heir of his mother 33
Dream description: new duties to perform

abandoned by his mother 23
Meaning: need for economies

counsel with the mother 82
Translation of the dream: discussions not to return

arguing with his mother 23
Interpretation: request for help

reconciled with his mother 78
Sense of the dream: security in business

romp with her mother 37
What does it mean: New relationship important

live with his mother 69
Meaning of the dream: righteousness and loyalty

portrait of mother 52
Description: ambition and pride

sleeping with mother 65
Interpretation of the dream: willingness weak

wandering in strange roads 28
Translation: certainly you reach your goal, but very slowly

mother's consent 31
Dream description: decline of will

make peace with his mother 26
Meaning: unsolicited advice

sick mother 59
Translation of the dream: Good news

strict mother 69
Interpretation: useful exchange of ideas

mother arrested 26
Sense of the dream: neglect of friends

unnatural mother 72
What does it mean: negligence in work

neglecting mother 53
Meaning of the dream: obstacles to get around

hugs mother 52
Description: greed pleasures

drowned mother 52
Interpretation of the dream: not allowed to express yourself

nursing mother 22
Translation: try to be more sociable

praying mother 14
Dream description: contrasts with your loved one

breastfeed mother 77
Meaning: vanquished foes

mother take 7
Translation of the dream: secret fears

mother and sons 71
Interpretation: inconstancy in love

arrival mother 65
Sense of the dream: economic problems

dead mother 47
What does it mean: increase of consideration

mother caressing 19
Meaning of the dream: success of a deal

mother crying 54
Description: concerns

currying mother 54
Interpretation of the dream: funeral in the family

injure mother 38
Translation: business disastrous

loving mother 52
Dream description: loss of friends

resemble the mother 34
Meaning: sense of security

help the mother 17
Translation of the dream: sincere affection

call the mother 25
Interpretation: problems to be solved

the mother saddened 16
Sense of the dream: unexpected encounters

prevent mother 40
What does it mean: large capacity

kissing mother 52
Meaning of the dream: sudden entry of money