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Molar fell right. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream molar fell right. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

molar carious 4
Meaning of the dream: love happy

molar which is extracted 5
Description: you're going through an oppressive period

molar stone 5
Interpretation of the dream: joy and pleasure

shelf fell 16
Translation: misunderstandings in the family

coachman fell 15
Dream description: high aspirations

acrobat fell 50
Meaning: strong-willed temperament

child fell 90
Translation of the dream: indecision dangerous

candlestick fell 13
Interpretation: Good news

horseman fell 80
Sense of the dream: always seeks the most simple and natural aspects of life

pylon fell 37
What does it mean: complications in labor

balcony fell 80
Meaning of the dream: you are the victim of gossip

cyclist fell 42
Description: Business fade

fell for a boost 67
Interpretation of the dream: serious concerns

fell for the fatherland 6
Translation: sudden death of a relative

curtain fell 20
Dream description: voltage increase

casino fell 9
Meaning: next wedding

candle fell 75
Translation of the dream: lose good opportunities

fell ass 13
Interpretation: gain that fades

smuggler dropped 36
Sense of the dream: disappointments and suffering

fallen log 25
What does it mean: dangerous fantasies

elm fallen 31
Meaning of the dream: quarrels of love

fell a tree 35
Description: Luckily the game

straight to hotel 27
Interpretation of the dream: imprudence dangerous

dropped cluster 77
Translation: unforeseen obstacles

straight ahead 18
Dream description: you have luck in businesses

fell ill 47
Meaning: disease

tattoo on right arm 49
Translation of the dream: accuracy in solving the problem

plane crashed 16
Interpretation: breaking one bond

right 27
Sense of the dream: you have luck in businesses

fallen from a title 88
What does it mean: difficulty in communicating

Straight through 6
Meaning of the dream: projects that are realized

walk right 2
Description: missteps

have a right 62
Interpretation of the dream: intrigue hidden

right honorary 18
Translation: future plans

retaliation right 26
Dream description: new guidelines

natural right 26
Meaning: momentary difficulties

civil right 67
Translation of the dream: departure of a loved one

condemns right 26
Interpretation: rain situation

fallen stilt 60
Sense of the dream: excesses to be avoided

deputy of the Right 69
What does it mean: return of a loved one

fair price 84
Meaning of the dream: knowledge really unusual

slumped to illness 48
Description: slander

fallen tree 31
Interpretation of the dream: quarrels love

slumped to loss 25
Translation: desire for independence

fallen oak 31
Dream description: quarrels of love

bald on the right side 77
Meaning: removal of a friend

slumped to sorrow 49
Translation of the dream: disappointments

fair with rides 8
Interpretation: intentions fantastic

recommended fine 26
Sense of the dream: incomes

sparse properly closed 12
What does it mean: unwelcome surprise

Tumbling 48
Meaning of the dream: unlucky period

direct 25
Description: false flattery

right hand 59
Interpretation of the dream: tests friendship

wound fair 15
Translation: malignant insinuations

oppose directly 64
Dream description: lack of loyalty

rebuke fair 21
Meaning: great effort

fair fleeing 46
Translation of the dream: solution of problems

direct a newspaper 13
Interpretation: difficulties of adaptation

fierce 7
Sense of the dream: issues in family