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Moan to scare. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream moan to scare. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

low moan 54
Meaning of the dream: confidentiality and prudence

scare 6
Description: troublesome issues

scare women 87
Interpretation of the dream: troublesome issues

scare children 22
Translation: bad luck

scare people 54
Dream description: family feud

scar 1
Meaning: struggles or painful memories and bad feelings in your mind

have a scar 84
Translation of the dream: ascent cycle

scar open 2
Interpretation: danger passed

great scar 44
Sense of the dream: resistance force

small scar 27
What does it mean: needs of relatives

scar on his face 4
Meaning of the dream: minor glitches

scar on his hands 81
Description: waste of money

scar on his legs 9
Interpretation of the dream: lack of enthusiasm

Customers scarce 27
Translation: new relationships

scars 1
Dream description: painful events that will have occurred in the past

see scars on others 9
Meaning: you hurt someone

scars on his body 18
Translation of the dream: you are over the trauma that made you suffer

scars will be reopened 2
Interpretation: an old pain was forgotten

discard debris 56
Sense of the dream: you want to erase your past

headscarf 14
What does it mean: squabbles interest

scarce supplies 63
Meaning of the dream: new gains

scary place but do not feel dismay 15
Description: all proceed by the best in the business

ration scarce 16
Interpretation of the dream: decisive events

scarab 30
Translation: the love of a partner, prosperity in business, health in family make life happy and peaceful

scarcity of food 9
Dream description: ideas to be cultivated

scarcity of clothes 90
Meaning: exaggerated ambition

to discard 31
Translation of the dream: secret pain

discarding a packet 54
Interpretation: secret pain

discard clothes 10
Sense of the dream: pleasant event

discard linen 22
What does it mean: emotional security

discard hats 34
Meaning of the dream: good business

discard furniture 46
Description: short term success

scarf 33
Interpretation of the dream: expense

wool scarf 44
Translation: strengthening of relations

silk scarf 22
Dream description: extreme distrust

white scarf 6
Meaning: challenging decision

colorful scarf 38
Translation of the dream: short shift

black scarf 11
Interpretation: unforeseen expenses

scarf honorific 9
Sense of the dream: indifference

tricolor scarf 14
What does it mean: aid of an elderly

scaring animals 8
Meaning of the dream: inner restlessness

scarlet fever 39
Description: fatality

scarlet dress of this color 1
Interpretation of the dream: dignity, power, great authority