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Misfortune on the rails. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream misfortune on the rails. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

misfortune 17
Meaning of the dream: Fears passengers

killing by misfortune 14
Description: happiness contrasted

companion in misfortune 64
Interpretation of the dream: honest work

misfortune deadly 36
Translation: unexpected proposal

misfortune at work 25
Dream description: to avoid disputes

avoid misfortune 17
Meaning: discouragement to overcome

17 - Smorfia classic: misfortune 17

bombing on the railway station 60
Interpretation: affirmation of one's originality

entrails (tripe) 48
Sense of the dream: good wishes

railway wagon 61
What does it mean: unexpected rescue

railroad train 34
Meaning of the dream: adaptation to circumstances

railway disaster 14
Description: confidence misplaced

derailing a train 89
Interpretation of the dream: You destroyed the projects your friend

with serious derailment accident 17
Translation: you are in a difficult situation

railroad 22
Dream description: It is defined along a track toward achieving your goals

Underground Railroad 61
Meaning: dangers lurking

electric railway 49
Translation of the dream: good social relations

rail disaster 17
Interpretation: serious danger in sight

railway tunnel 58
Sense of the dream: good luck

locomotive derails 52
What does it mean: choice between two loves

railroader 21
Meaning of the dream: good advice

railings on the windows 23
Description: sadness

rail 50
Interpretation of the dream: watch out for long trips

railway timetable 14
Translation: novelty pleased

lean on the railing 44
Dream description: return of old favorites

rail crossing 71
Meaning: unexpected news

railway bridge 40
Translation of the dream: good luck

tell misfortunes 61
Interpretation: advantageous conclusion of a deal

complaint to railways 65
Sense of the dream: agitated thoughts

hold a trail 68
What does it mean: inner insecurity

rail of a railroad crossing 32
Meaning of the dream: decisive events

railway points 18
Description: desire for novelty

railway signal 14
Interpretation of the dream: excessive generosity

trail 30
Translation: clarity of thought and peace of mind

mountain trail 36
Dream description: news from afar

trail impassable 24
Meaning: disappointment in love

railway station 76
Translation of the dream: thou shalt well-being from your wisdom

railway track 22
Interpretation: next change

trailing legs 73
Sense of the dream: exciting experience

trailing voice 62
What does it mean: small defeat

trailing a child 68
Meaning of the dream: intolerance

railing 45
Description: protection

rail fare 72
Interpretation of the dream: generous protections

rail pass 9
Translation: active temperament

follow the trail 80
Dream description: exaggerated enthusiasm

Streetcar derails 55
Meaning: bad luck

rail transport 7
Translation of the dream: emotional sensitivity

train derails 8
Interpretation: complications

railway trunk 2
Sense of the dream: good energy

hiking trail 84
What does it mean: coming changes