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Mischievous love. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream mischievous love. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

mischievous person 82
Meaning of the dream: wickedness and rebellion of acquaintance

to love 8
Description: next disappointment

love 2
Interpretation of the dream: next disappointment

in love 20
Translation: do bitter experiences

now love 89
Dream description: surprise from a trip

look of love 71
Meaning: serenity

ask for love 35
Translation of the dream: fears baseless

only love 18
Interpretation: duties to perform

novel of love 65
Sense of the dream: potential creativity

love others 66
What does it mean: need for aid

cheer for love 5
Meaning of the dream: artificiality in attitudes

love god 84
Description: great moral energy

love the children 90
Interpretation of the dream: trust in relatives

love the brothers 3
Translation: prudence with employees

love your spouse 12
Dream description: magnetism

love a prostitute 4
Meaning: lust for life

love lover 31
Translation of the dream: lack of optimism

love illicitly 84
Interpretation: new openings in business

honestly love 38
Sense of the dream: gratitude unjustified

love life 67
What does it mean: fighting spirit

love your neighbor 66
Meaning of the dream: prudence with correspondence

love passionately 82
Description: responsibilities rejected

love money 83
Interpretation of the dream: prudence with superiors

kill for love 86
Translation: envy discovery

marry for love 4
Dream description: late news

fatherly love 1
Meaning: enthusiasm exaggerated

motherly love 72
Translation of the dream: lack of courage

brotherly love 51
Interpretation: intrigue hidden

conjugal love 89
Sense of the dream: lucky events

platonic love 25
What does it mean: donation from a woman

burning Love 90
Meaning of the dream: fear of deceit

requited love 2
Description: bad assets acquired

Love refused 37
Interpretation of the dream: moral pleasures

passenger love 82
Translation: Small sudden losses

sincere love 34
Dream description: struggles in the work

love liar 23
Meaning: conquest of goods

love betrayed 90
Translation of the dream: tenacious rancor

poison for love 60
Interpretation: Good news from far away

cortege love 88
Sense of the dream: enterprising spirit

compromise in love 33
What does it mean: feeling of insecurity

conceive love 80
Meaning of the dream: excitability and ambition

consumed by love 55
Description: strange proposals

cross of love 42
Interpretation of the dream: good social skills

delirious love 16
Translation: new openings in the labor

desire for love 18
Dream description: new guidelines

love declaration 71
Meaning: ambition fulfilled

show love 36
Translation of the dream: healthy aspirations

despair for love 57
Interpretation: particular success

sorrow of love 25
Sense of the dream: unnecessary troubles

excess of love 20
What does it mean: character helpless