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Mints in your pocket. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream mints in your pocket. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

pocket 9
Meaning of the dream: hidden talents and abilities undeveloped

pocket lighter 63
Description: arrogance towards the weak

pocket agenda 14
Interpretation of the dream: new projects

pocket knife 67
Translation: secret relations

have the ducats in your pocket 71
Dream description: very good things

pocket money 50
Meaning: unforeseen expenses

pocket for other things 26
Translation of the dream: painful betrayal

pocket mirrors 89
Interpretation: thrill

pocket route 83
Sense of the dream: Secrets Revealed

keep your hands in your pocket 7
What does it mean: excessive intolerance

pocket dictionary 46
Meaning of the dream: pleasant surprises

pocket watch 30
Description: fleeting happiness

money in his pocket 16
Interpretation of the dream: untapped potential

rummaging in his pocket 26
Translation: thwarted love

pocket bread 71
Dream description: scruples exaggerated

handkerchief in the breast pocket 84
Meaning: discontent passengers

put your hands in your pocket 63
Translation of the dream: goods thwarted

put the keys in his pocket 72
Interpretation: uncertainty about what to do

put the watch in his pocket 20
Sense of the dream: important novelty

pickpocket 68
What does it mean: little sincerity to you

pickpocket in tram 12
Meaning of the dream: little sincerity to you

pickpocket in train 15
Description: to overcome shyness

pickpocket stealing 85
Interpretation of the dream: victory over enmity

pickpocket who escapes 29
Translation: inconstancy in action

pickpocket in the street 45
Dream description: prestige rising

pickpocket in church 57
Meaning: attention to what you say

pickpocket chased 16
Translation of the dream: serious concerns

pickpocket arrested 26
Interpretation: desire to escape

pickpocket sentenced 18
Sense of the dream: loss of energy

pickpocket in prison 54
What does it mean: outputs from your isolation

pickpocket killed 33
Meaning of the dream: hope fades

be a pickpocket 70
Description: difficult contacts with others

young pickpocket 30
Interpretation of the dream: Accepted tips

pickpocket old 56
Translation: gossip of neighbors

pick pockets 18
Dream description: contrariness

minting medals 7
Meaning: disputes and difficulties

mint coins 74
Translation of the dream: invitation to a trip

minting coins 12
Interpretation: unexpected meeting

mint coins false 13
Sense of the dream: futile struggle

search the pockets 56
What does it mean: floating assets

wild mint 5
Meaning of the dream: offense

line their pockets 63
Description: decisions to make

turn pockets 84
Interpretation of the dream: small fortune

new pocketbook 57
Translation: need to defend themselves

badminton racket or 45
Dream description: pure happiness, carelessness

mint 3
Meaning: deception and fraud will come to seemingly honest person and friend

bottle with mint 18
Translation of the dream: serenity and joy