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Mimic donkey. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream mimic donkey. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

mane donkey 39
Meaning of the dream: trip inadvisable

shoeing donkey 29
Description: bad reputation

dead donkey 9
Interpretation of the dream: small differences

donkey sleeping 32
Translation: eventful period

donkey drinking 18
Dream description: decisive events

donkey tail 31
Meaning: discord with friends

donkey eating 64
Translation of the dream: days of depression

ear donkey 6
Interpretation: bad news

donkey 9
Sense of the dream: stubbornness and unwavering personality

donkey braying 9
What does it mean: future plans

donkey suckling 22
Meaning of the dream: next advantages

bitten donkey 2
Description: desire for independence

donkey kicks 88
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected twist

donkey with children 29
Translation: offense to forget

donkey grazing 49
Dream description: lasting stability

donkey ears 19
Meaning: treachery

donkey who leads donkeys 16
Translation of the dream: tiring journey

cart with donkey 3
Interpretation: attention to flatterers

beat a donkey 40
Sense of the dream: mood-changing

groom a donkey 9
What does it mean: inner security

harnessing a donkey 35
Meaning of the dream: activities lucky

see a donkey 36
Description: unpleasant events

donkey in the stable 16
Interpretation of the dream: disturbing news

ride a donkey 26
Translation: hard work

saddle a donkey 24
Dream description: overactive imagination

buckboard with donkey 36
Meaning: deception, abuse of confidence at the expense of the dreamer

donkey back 52
Translation of the dream: new guidelines

donkey tied 16
Interpretation: emotion and passion

jawbone of an ass 33
Sense of the dream: good luck

whipping the ass 67
What does it mean: sorrows

donkey milk 81
Meaning of the dream: intense activity

fell ass 13
Description: gain that fades

imitate action 76
Interpretation of the dream: mysterious personality

imitate a drawing 14
Translation: jealous people

learn mimicry 8
Dream description: good deal

imitate the voice 15
Meaning: poor luck

sick ass 90
Translation of the dream: clarification as to give

watering donkeys 3
Interpretation: discovery of a secret

milking donkeys 80
Sense of the dream: you have confidence in your abilities

tame donkeys 45
What does it mean: mistrust and pessimism

buy ass 67
Meaning of the dream: personal prestige

pair donkeys 78
Description: unforeseen events

Prairie donkeys 30
Interpretation of the dream: temptations to dominate

launch donkeys 87
Translation: unreasonable ideas

be dumb 66
Dream description: hard times

plenty of donkeys 42
Meaning: you need security

byplay 28
Translation of the dream: time when you are feeling under pressure

heritage 85
Interpretation: funeral in the family

imitate 55
Sense of the dream: jealous people

recopy 48
What does it mean: nervousness and agitation

ass 27
Meaning of the dream: safe location

bray 20
Description: a person is away from you because of you

duplicate anything 66
Interpretation of the dream: dual personality

copy a task 22
Translation: harmful extravagance

replicate the parent 6
Dream description: solution that late

copy by hand 47
Meaning: financial mess