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Military governor. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream military governor. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

military governor 17

civil governor 75

governor of colonies 59

governor killed 42

governor poisoned 53

military pavilion 25

Governor college 39

military knight 76

military son 15

military file 51

military chaplain 88

governor with authority 52

military hunter 12

military hospital 12
Translation: troubling news

Military dragon 8
Dream description: gain

military regime 19
Meaning: violent actions

military code 66

military leg 12

military seaplane 42

military consensus 39

military decimation 86

military standard 19
Description: gumption

official military 83

military body 35

military port 88
Dream description: intransigence exaggerated

district military 56
Meaning: conquest of privileges

military backpack 72

plume military 12

military housing 90

military dispatch 77

military border 2

military patrol 18
Description: fortunate circumstances

military revolt 64
Interpretation of the dream: contrasts with an elderly person

military vehicle 54
Translation: useful exchange of ideas

military tool 55

military order 4
Meaning: novelty from a letter

military discharge 12

military motorist 56

Military Prison 89
Sense of the dream: deceptions hidden

military use 55

military procedure 10

military convoy 61
Description: abrupt change

military escort 82
Interpretation of the dream: big news

military patent 15

Military grade 6

military step 37

Military dress 72
Translation of the dream: talk in the family

military honor 50
Interpretation: sacrifices to bear

military uniform 63
Sense of the dream: Decision and security

military court 12
What does it mean: recognized merit

ride military 82

military guide 65

military review 26
Interpretation of the dream: positive ideas

stretcher military 24

stop military 83

military 12
Meaning: fatigue, servitude, protection

loaf military 35

military conquest 90
Interpretation: right judgment

military emblem 12
Sense of the dream: serenity and optimism

military revolution 19
What does it mean: trouble from relatives

military genius 75
Meaning of the dream: avarice

military truck 9
Description: fighting spirit positive

graduated military 36

Military drowned 20
Translation: help Wanted

student military 80
Dream description: Revenge of jealousy

military party 24
Meaning: brilliant success

declare military 33

imprison a military 68

military dignity 36

Lucerne military 45

military blunderbuss 25

Military Parade 21
Description: exuberance and vitality

Boarding military 72

military discipline 38
Translation: self confidence

military engineer 71

military unrest 90

Alpine military 66
Translation of the dream: good news from your home

military school lunch 42

military hat 82
Sense of the dream: great satisfaction

military coat 90
What does it mean: intuitive intelligence

military unit 6
Meaning of the dream: intimate satisfactions

military company 57

military airplane 17
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous situation

military career 15
Translation: new facts unfavorable

trench military 69
Dream description: bright future

Hood Military 55

military band 14
Translation of the dream: victorious resistance

dress up as military 37
Interpretation: imprudence and exaggeration

Collar Military 49
Sense of the dream: good health