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Menstruation tears. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream menstruation tears. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

having menstruation 17
Meaning of the dream: you're in trouble with someone at work

menstruation that are not 42
Description: you want to become a mother

toss menstruation 16
Interpretation of the dream: new hope

irregular menstruation 4
Translation: successful successful

drying tears 36
Dream description: intuition wrong

tears repressed 20
Meaning: unjustified antipathy

The tears 45
Translation of the dream: unwelcome visit

dripping tears 65
Interpretation: humiliation

swallow tears 23
Sense of the dream: bad times

repress tears 57
What does it mean: explaining to do

tears 69
Meaning of the dream: consolation, happy outcome

tears of pain 70
Description: turning point

tears of joy 73
Interpretation of the dream: solicitations

bring tears to your face 50
Translation: want to see a situation clearly

see tears on your face 58
Dream description: slowness at work

weep or shed tears 3
Meaning: on the contrary that in reality, are a sign of joy, of pleasant news, visit welcome

see tears fall on your face 65
Translation of the dream: expected moments of joy

hold back the tears 30
Interpretation: quarrels with relatives

droop in tears 18
Sense of the dream: mishaps passengers

burst into tears 54
What does it mean: difficult issue to solve

Menses 79
Meaning of the dream: themes pregnancy

break into sobs 17
Description: compromising friendships

clothes tear on your face 13
Interpretation of the dream: your life comfortable and safe

tear pamphlets 18
Translation: boredom and melancholy

tear testament 75
Dream description: family quarrels

yolk 22
Meaning: reduced activity

curb crying 71
Translation of the dream: opportunity for revenge

drink the yolk 83
Interpretation: reduced activity

weep for smoke 41
Sense of the dream: anxiety and uncertainty

weep for the cold 14
What does it mean: seriousness of purpose

monthly fee 8
Meaning of the dream: heavy purchases

monthly installment 86
Description: eventful life

tearful 28
Interpretation of the dream: you will not suffer unjust accusations

Christianity 50
Translation: you will become poor

whisk egg yolk with sugar 59
Dream description: small disappointment

preaching 17
Meaning: You know yourself is a lovable person, generous, which you might be of help

pay a monthly 90
Translation of the dream: flattering promises

monthly list 36
Interpretation: coherence in

Buddhism 60
Sense of the dream: difficulty passing

Hinduism 86
What does it mean: many things are happening that you are displacing

whisk egg yolk 3
Meaning of the dream: important proposal

tear gas bomb 18
Description: need for prudence in writing

excommunication 54
Interpretation of the dream: good health

secular 79
Translation: interesting discoveries

Augustinian religious 53
Dream description: the end of an argument

religion 25
Meaning: peace and contentment

tear to another face 71
Translation of the dream: You have procured a hurt someone

approach religion 68
Interpretation: tranquility of mind

worship the devil 21
Sense of the dream: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

teach religion 66
What does it mean: new momentum