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Men's coat. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream men's coat. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

men's coat 56
Meaning of the dream: business deals

men's overcoat 56
Description: business negotiations

coat torn 25

men's hood 52
Translation: hard work

coat cheap 7

coat Featured 37

braided coat 64
Translation of the dream: enforceable rights

spotted coat 90

coat found 15

coat stolen 71

Sandals men 82
Meaning of the dream: short pleasure

expensive coat 46

Shoemaker Men 43
Interpretation of the dream: income from a business

corsage men 75
Translation: satisfaction and health

killing men 2

greasy coat 21

changing coat 78

imprison men 7
Interpretation: ambiguous proposals

women's coat 44
Sense of the dream: work hard

Belt men 18
What does it mean: prestige and notoriety

apron for men 65

men count 14

combing men 44

coat baby 78
Translation: heightened sensitivity

castrate men 6
Dream description: projects

scoffing men 81
Meaning: emotional states

vaccinate men 7
Translation of the dream: enmity to fight

employ men 32

trampling of men 39
Sense of the dream: unexpected benefit

slay men 66
What does it mean: internal conflicts

number of men 42

beat men 18
Description: contrasts interest

snatch men 7

hang men 16
Translation: energy and boldness

brawl men 47
Dream description: strain to deal

race men 4
Meaning: new facts

listen to men 26
Translation of the dream: dishonor

Alloy men 76

gloves men 1

incite men 18
What does it mean: good luck

segregate men 7
Meaning of the dream: professional concerns

choir of men 40
Description: feelings uncertain

laughter men 13
Interpretation of the dream: new hope

concentrating men 65

men's shirt 20
Dream description: fleeting joys

coat dirty 69
Meaning: lack of decision

trigger men 14
Translation of the dream: recovery of money

men's boots 37
Interpretation: tips to follow

Men's mask 17

requisition men 15
What does it mean: difficult relationships

broken coat 16
Meaning of the dream: tranquility of mind

Brigade men 78
Description: sensitivity of mind

coat nurses 88
Interpretation of the dream: compromise deal

coat patched 44
Translation: disappointments in love

lost coat 2

coat pharmacist 30
Meaning: small trouble

coat lining 66

coat unbuttoned 31
Interpretation: you re too suspicious

coat mechanic 60
Sense of the dream: concerns that vanish

turn a coat 15
What does it mean: difficult relationships

communion of men 80
Meaning of the dream: agreement and peace in the family

Boarding of men 26

jacket Men 11
Interpretation of the dream: everything will be for the better

prison for men 65
Translation: dangerous temptations

wear a coat 6
Dream description: realizable unexpected

control men 8

Men's hair 3

buy a coat 51
Interpretation: loss of friendships

male for men 25
Sense of the dream: contrasts

men stay 6
What does it mean: admiration for the elderly

capable men 89

bones of men 66
Description: death of girls