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Melt tape. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream melt tape. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

tape 6
Meaning of the dream: They will cost too risky, given the possibility of family, wasting money

cotton tape 38
Description: good solution

hem with tape 14
Interpretation of the dream: tormenting suspicions

tape seal 68

tape on the gold 82

magnetic tape 48

headset with tape 60

white tape 74

black tape 62

Scotch tape 54

Tape funeral wreath 6
Meaning of the dream: Late remorse

melt a silver 76
Description: obstacles in projects

melt the bell 32
Interpretation of the dream: judgments serene

melt gold 59
Translation: sadness and malaise

melt silver 2
Dream description: Fortunately unstable

melt metals 11
Meaning: claim right

melt coins 63
Translation of the dream: fate alternates

melt butter 14
Interpretation: low satisfaction

Melt the lard 36
Sense of the dream: initiative

melt lead 15
What does it mean: dispersion of forces

Melt the vote 27
Meaning of the dream: emotional sensitivity

melt tar 57

melt iron 59

melt copper 84

melt pond 70

tapestry 32
Meaning: many hopes

melted wax 84
Translation of the dream: poor health

taper off 77
Interpretation: thoughtless action

pellets smelter 53
Sense of the dream: discord and gossip

taper 46
What does it mean: next joy, public honor

hemming tapestries 43
Meaning of the dream: unstable relationships

decorate with tapestries 34
Description: indecision

melted lard 41
Interpretation of the dream: welfare and prosperity

see burn and consume tapestries 47
Translation: misfortune or death to the master of the house

melted 90
Dream description: hard work and well-being in joy and serenity

melted for spinning 42

ancient tapestry 43

tapestry silver 53

damask tapestry 78

designed tapestry 46

modern tapestry 27

precious tapestry 77

embroidered tapestry 54

tapestry found 26

tapestry stolen 67

melting pot 76

tapeworm 59