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Meet man in suit. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream meet man in suit. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

meet a nun 19
Meaning of the dream: malicious gossip

meet the enemy 32
Description: anxious moments

meet a superintendent 15
Interpretation of the dream: ideas to be reviewed

meet a poor 75
Translation: proposals to sift

old suit 71
Dream description: seriousness of purpose

meet killers 43
Meaning: efforts in work

meet thieves 87
Translation of the dream: economic difficulties

meet a stranger 64
Interpretation: Possible interesting encounters

delivering a suit 6
Sense of the dream: interesting novelty

meet a hunchback 49
What does it mean: good luck

meet a benefactor 63
Meaning of the dream: You go well for the way you have chosen

ruining a suit 65
Description: unnecessary fears

meet a patrol 4
Interpretation of the dream: satisfaction

meet a fellow villager 66
Translation: joy and gladness

meet a bitch 65
Dream description: pleasure

circumvent a man 80
Meaning: uncontrolled impulses

meet a beggar 66
Translation of the dream: revenge

meet a reticulated 38
Interpretation: provocations do not collect

wool suit 50
Sense of the dream: new responsibilities

meet a picket 24
What does it mean: novelty coming

buy a suit 11
Meaning of the dream: specific ideas

asbestos suit 40
Description: sweeping changes

naked man 35
Interpretation of the dream: pain and bitterness

meet or see a baron 17
Translation: haughtiness

meet the game a cheater 65
Dream description: easy wealth

drowned man 19
Meaning: sorrows

woo a man 47
Translation of the dream: hostility from family

dark man 54
Interpretation: hopes achievable

beautiful man 50
Sense of the dream: balance of mind

meet old 72
What does it mean: novelty

a man drunk 90
Meaning of the dream: adaptation to the environment

unknown man 65
Description: dangerous temptations

man in bed 49
Interpretation of the dream: sick passenger

magnetize man 14
Translation: reconciliation with an enemy

push a man 3
Dream description: moments of fatigue

diver putting the suit 2
Meaning: embarrassing situation

honest man 11
Translation of the dream: interests to defend

bald man 78
Interpretation: fortune

kissing a man 58
Sense of the dream: sad conjectures

bribe a man 10
What does it mean: susceptibility

camouflage suit 42
Meaning of the dream: Period of nervousness

man with a woman 87
Description: Safety and Decision

entice a man 82
Interpretation of the dream: efforts to support

beating a man 12
Translation: ostentation of virtue

picking a man 15
Dream description: slow realization

blackmail a man 53
Meaning: desire for understanding

slapping a man 7
Translation of the dream: slowdown in action

tall man 21
Interpretation: excessive ambitions

lash on a man 60
Sense of the dream: significant advancements

cheating a man 23
What does it mean: initiatives not to disclose

hugging a man 6
Meaning of the dream: faithfulness

rehabilitate a man 76
Description: situation stable

caress a man 28
Interpretation of the dream: aid

fascinate a man 70
Translation: missteps

refreshment a man 53
Dream description: exaggerated modesty

to dress a man 48
Meaning: affections safe

undressing a man 67
Translation of the dream: fickle affections

wait a man 64
Interpretation: Good news