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Meet a person in bar. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream meet a person in bar. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

meet a person 86
Meaning of the dream: realization of hopes

talking at the bar 66
Description: lack of control

attend bar 3
Interpretation of the dream: to overcome grievances

be in a bar 67
Translation: heavy commitments

tourists at the bar 48
Dream description: caution and watch out for enemies

fall asleep at the bar 58
Meaning: family problem

call to the bar 11
Translation of the dream: to overcome adversity

small bar 10
Interpretation: excessive imprudence

night bar 34
Sense of the dream: repressed feelings

crowded bar 21
What does it mean: missed opportunity

entertain at the bar 31
Meaning of the dream: lack of loyalty

large bar 27
Description: novelty from a letter

well stocked bar 81
Interpretation of the dream: dispute with family

state bar 49
Translation: good intentions

bartender at the bar 84
Dream description: need to have a confidant

bar 41
Meaning: desire to escape from the stresses of everyday life

station bar 49
Translation of the dream: fads

rhubarb drink at the bar 17
Interpretation: frantic life

approaching the bar 4
Sense of the dream: business cheated

bar at the window 2
What does it mean: misfortunes at home

go to the bar 6
Meaning of the dream: future uncertain

Grenadier the bar 46
Description: indifference to others

bar the door 10
Interpretation of the dream: hasty actions

sandwich bar or pub 88
Translation: small solvable problems

meet a person again 69
Dream description: past troubles

coffee bar 34
Meaning: small talk

biting a person 72
Translation of the dream: lies and gossip

haunt a person 8
Interpretation: compromising relationship

raise a person 19
Sense of the dream: wisdom actions

injure a person 5
What does it mean: disappointments

stop a person 85
Meaning of the dream: lively imagination

warn a person 64
Description: Good news

discover a person 36
Interpretation of the dream: end of a concern

scrutinize a person 2
Translation: lack of privacy

replace a person 31
Dream description: commitments to be paid

stab a person known 84
Meaning: temporary irritation

indicate a person 58
Translation of the dream: new events

exploit a person 48
Interpretation: risky business

weigh a person 65
Sense of the dream: unforeseen expenses

person 11
What does it mean: desire to bring out our personalities

defend a person 17
Meaning of the dream: emotional states to control

representing a person 36
Description: ties in danger

detachment from a person 74
Interpretation of the dream: alarming news

bite a person 7
Translation: joys and pleasures

decay of a person 10
Dream description: Negative thoughts

disgust for a person 83
Meaning: dangerous temptations

approach by a person 16
Translation of the dream: honors

see surrender a person 11
Interpretation: fortune

opponent a person 64
Sense of the dream: Good news

a person riding 87
What does it mean: waste of energy

compel a person 39
Meaning of the dream: chatter

insect on person 73
Description: chatter unpleasant

contradict a person 18
Interpretation of the dream: benefits from family

prevent a person 62
Translation: exuberant fantasy

decant a person 81
Dream description: requests for help