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Medicated wound evil. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream medicated wound evil. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

spend evil 44
Meaning of the dream: altruism and generosity

get rid of evil 16
Description: money or commissions stolen

aware of evil 59
Interpretation of the dream: swings of fortune

leaning against evil 21
Translation: few scruples

dress evil 12
Dream description: nostalgia secret

devise evil 69
Meaning: small financial losses

lead to evil 61
Translation of the dream: need protection

cure evil 15
Interpretation: imprudence and agitation

crane wound 67
Sense of the dream: complications surmountable

sucking wound 52
What does it mean: agreements

face evil 69
Meaning of the dream: dangerous proposals

defeat an evil 77
Description: new businesses

see evil 3
Interpretation of the dream: clarification as to give

panther wound 31
Translation: confusing situation

evil 13
Dream description: discomfort for a situation not clear

wound fair 15
Meaning: malignant insinuations

old wound 41
Translation of the dream: suspicions unjust

swallow wound 34
Interpretation: Company dangerous

wound healed 54
Sense of the dream: exaltation of his glory, ostentation

quail wound 65
What does it mean: good-natured attitudes

forehead wound 10
Meaning of the dream: clear ideas

bleeding wound 69
Description: excessive aggression

wound 11
Interpretation of the dream: advancement of place, honor

Partridge wound 72
Translation: risk of theft

dove wound 35
Dream description: treachery

duck wound 38
Meaning: doubtful period

wound with pus 29
Translation of the dream: excitable temperament

wound scar 56
Interpretation: accommodating nature

sore throat wound 3
Sense of the dream: someone gossips about you

wound tail 58
What does it mean: news like

deep wound 26
Meaning of the dream: new relationships

evil inclination 17
Description: Errors in love

mortal wound 51
Interpretation of the dream: shock and disappointment

serious wound 57
Translation: extravagant spending

injury (any wound) 55
Dream description: novelty good

scab of a wound 29
Meaning: stubbornness and pride

a sore for a wound 39
Translation of the dream: new charge of vitality

wound healing 88
Interpretation: services that will be paid with gratitude

feel sick 54
Sense of the dream: health

mortally wound 63
What does it mean: ambitions domain

talking bad 82
Meaning of the dream: motions of anger

live badly 83
Description: good omens

dress a wound 46
Interpretation of the dream: joy

wound with razor 25
Translation: heightened emotionality

miscalculate 22
Dream description: loss to the game

wound on the head 83
Meaning: travel and changes

wound on the arm 65
Translation of the dream: temporary irritation

poorly equipped army 4
Interpretation: danger of deceit

illblind 39
Sense of the dream: you are waiting for news

fatigue poorly compensated 81
What does it mean: selflessness

apple poorly cooked 60
Meaning of the dream: ill health

Persimmon gone bad 51
Description: failures

be misconstrued or misunderstood 70
Interpretation of the dream: embarrassed or uncomfortable in social situations

using poorly paid 71
Translation: illness of a family member