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Medical report. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream medical report. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

medical report 33
Meaning of the dream: Health Concerns

medical certificate 43
Description: good health

surgeon medical 27
Interpretation of the dream: loyalty and bravery

medical conduct 62
Translation: strong personality

medical breakthrough 20
Dream description: favorable movements

medical examination 29
Meaning: discomforts passengers

medical advice 58
Translation of the dream: Remedies to be made


medical office 44
Interpretation: requirements of the heart

medical ambulance 47

nurses medical 67

medical center 31

medical filter 76

go to report 68
Interpretation of the dream: concessions decisive

report 40
Translation: good intentions

to the report 54
Dream description: uncertain business

report something 15
Meaning: you will avoid a person that you loved a bad experience

report a murderess 36
Translation of the dream: indiscretion of friends

report a crime 13
Interpretation: ties earnest

report card 18
Sense of the dream: unexpected aid

make a report 9
What does it mean: easy job performance

demand report 39
Meaning of the dream: strange situations

send report 81
Description: negative experience

fasten report 66
Interpretation of the dream: deceit uncovered

be called to report 52
Translation: important trip

call to report 82
Dream description: need of rest

Business Report 83
Meaning: responsibility to deal


report income 39
Translation of the dream: Negotiations interesting

scientific report 23
Interpretation: effort and work

break report 48
Sense of the dream: unstable relationships

submit report 74
What does it mean: truth misrepresented

report to the father 68
Meaning of the dream: momentary embarrassment

report to the mother 44
Description: happy ideas

report to a superior 58
Interpretation of the dream: good cooperation

report to a friend 26
Translation: quarrels of love

report a speech 39
Dream description: wishes fulfilled

report news 71
Meaning: bitter disappointment

report a rumor 5
Translation of the dream: illusions

draw up a report 88
Interpretation: explaining to do

report a danger 11
Sense of the dream: solidarity

report seeing a signal 61
What does it mean: You are able to avoid a danger just in time

report a budget 30
Meaning of the dream: advantageous purchases

loud report 76

good report 46

clinical report 75

judicial report 23

report card with good grades 66
Meaning: unexpected aid

report card with bad ratings 23
Translation of the dream: conflicts with superiors

buy medicines 79
Interpretation: enthusiasm

ampoule with medicines 84
Sense of the dream: quarrels at work

drinking medicine 63
What does it mean: Excessive confidence

aloe (medicinal plant) 23
Meaning of the dream: health

eat borage (medicinal herb) 36
Description: be freed from noise and promptness in business

medicine capsule 22
Interpretation of the dream: restless spirit

foreign reporting 12
Translation: fantastic dreams

give medicine 27
Dream description: understanding in sentimental

decoction medicine 15
Meaning: resistance tests

distill medicines 65
Translation of the dream: overcome obstacles

medicinal herb 22
Interpretation: good health and good business

equate medicines (mallow, borage) 2
Sense of the dream: you will be freed from noise and rapidity business

vial of medicine 1
What does it mean: lack of pretension

oral medicine 41
Meaning of the dream: consolation to relatives

tablet or medicine 25
Description: Bad mood

ointment medicine 53
Interpretation of the dream: achievable goals

potion medicine 15
Translation: moral steadfastness

medicine 77
Dream description: infirmity, affliction

do medicine 73
Meaning: illness, loss of money

seize medicine 85
Translation of the dream: narrowness of spirit

reject medicine 14
Interpretation: their tangled interests

administer medicine 7
Sense of the dream: friends, rescued and protected

eating medicinal plants 28
What does it mean: business solved

prepare reports 60
Meaning of the dream: concerns for the job

travel reports 1
Description: Good news