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Measure height hair. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream measure height hair. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

measure height 84
Meaning of the dream: superficiality of judgment

height 90
Description: insight in the work

height of a house 29
Interpretation of the dream: insight in the work

height of a tower 57
Translation: incompatibility of character

height of a tree 10
Dream description: ties secrets

height of an embankment 13
Meaning: businesses difficult

height of a steeple 80
Translation of the dream: tenacious rancor

height of a mountain 21
Interpretation: statement of their views

height of a wall 66
Sense of the dream: morbid friendships

There height class 33

height of the building 60

of breast height 50

height of the bell tower 4

to measure 89
Translation: distrust

beyond measure 3

disapprove a measure 28
Meaning: painful surprise

Measure distance 37
Translation of the dream: precision work

liter (measure) 59
Interpretation: luck in business

measure a dress 14
Sense of the dream: susceptibility and selfishness

land measure 35
What does it mean: constancy in work

measure a distance 34
Meaning of the dream: liveliness of wit

measure piece 53
Description: right choice

measure (liter) 59
Interpretation of the dream: luck in business

measure satin 71
Translation: goods thwarted

measure the cloth 55
Dream description: construction work

measure the chest 66
Meaning: vivid imagination

take measure chest 19
Translation of the dream: assertiveness

measure the view 72
Interpretation: coming changes

gallon measure 30

foot measure 18

measure home 80

hair 11
Description: sexual virility, seduction and sensuality

little hair 2
Interpretation of the dream: security in business

shorten hair 4
Translation: friendships equivocal

fix the hair 59
Dream description: secret pain

lengthen hair 70
Meaning: Friends simulators

hair tie 40
Translation of the dream: false insights

dry hair 63
Interpretation: instability of mood

burning hair 1
Sense of the dream: dynamism reduced

camel hair 70
What does it mean: disagreements in social relations

short hair 1
Meaning of the dream: serenity in family

long hair 81
Description: good luck

straight hair 36
Interpretation of the dream: affable character

curly hair 63
Translation: change of position

oily hair 44
Dream description: false news

flowing hair 33
Meaning: success in business

Red hair 48
Translation of the dream: separation for a chat

dark hair 3
Interpretation: differences in family

White hair 45
Sense of the dream: notoriety and success

blond hair 4
What does it mean: compromising friendships

fake hair 41
Meaning of the dream: physical exhaustion

bleached hair 24
Description: contrasts between spouses

matted hair 6
Interpretation of the dream: protections equivocal

graying hair 10
Translation: position compromised

wash your hair 71
Dream description: victory over enemies

dye their hair 89
Meaning: reckless conduct

combing her hair 70
Translation of the dream: victory over difficulties

brushing her hair 88
Interpretation: melancholy

perfume hair 73
Sense of the dream: loss of friendship

hair falling 15
What does it mean: waste of money

braided hair 29
Meaning of the dream: bad news

type of hair 90
Description: fortune

woman hair 46
Interpretation of the dream: malicious gossip

thick hair 6
Translation: good relations

sparse hair 72
Dream description: economic benefits

women's hair 10
Meaning: inconstancy in love

hair of man 23
Translation of the dream: strong-willed spirit

hair of boy 64
Interpretation: uncontrolled emotions

Artificial hair 35
Sense of the dream: hasty decisions

hair color 38
What does it mean: threads dangerous

hair brown 73
Meaning of the dream: reasons of pride

gray hair 31
Description: meetings of value

hair disheveled 71
Interpretation of the dream: instability in marriages

styling her hair 49
Translation: physical renewal

tuft of hair 62
Dream description: support and protection

vegetable hair 36
Meaning: grudges unjust

hair ridge 48
Translation of the dream: sex symbol

wavy hair 87
Interpretation: emotional experience

cut the hair 30
Sense of the dream: danger of exploitation