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Mattress with pins. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream mattress with pins. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

pillow with pins 2
Meaning of the dream: despotic character

stick pins 26
Description: chagrin and anger

engage pins 11

swallow pins 48

adorn themselves with pins 88

donate pins 31

string of pins 76

mattress 1
Interpretation: little happy omen, disease

old mattress 40
Sense of the dream: advice to accept

new mattress 72
What does it mean: interior renovations

August mattress 75
Meaning of the dream: trouble women

wool mattress 24
Description: inner restlessness

horsehair mattress 10
Interpretation of the dream: health hazard

foam mattress 45
Translation: feelings uncertain

dirty mattress 60
Dream description: efforts rewarded

double mattress 50
Meaning: union firm

turning a mattress 45
Translation of the dream: health concerns

mattress face 29

quilting mattress 27

comfortable mattress 65

straw mattress 64

tow mattress 42

hard mattress 71

soft mattress 18

uncomfortable mattress 54

wool for mattresses 58
Meaning: profitable business

lupins 8
Translation of the dream: dangerous business

Dried lupins 22
Interpretation: instability and restlessness

lupins savory 9
Sense of the dream: financial fluctuations

eat lupins 54
What does it mean: new responsibilities

crazy spinster 39
Meaning of the dream: next wedding

spinster resigned 48
Description: reservations and inhibitions

66 - Smorfia classic: two spinsters 66

canvas for mattresses 86
Translation: great satisfaction

tuft mattresses 13
Dream description: lasting stability

spinster 27
Meaning: sorrow and anger

Field lupins 43

sewing mattresses 53

carousel that spins 87

sweet lupins 9

handful of lupins 22